7 Safe Minimalist Sizes Based on Needs

7 Safe Minimalist Sizes Based on Needs

safe size
Sentry Safe Biometric Safe Lx110b

Safe is a storage place made of iron and has safety features. Usually, bags are used to store money, jewelry, valuable documents and other important items.

In addition to having advanced security features, safes are usually made of fire and water resistant materials. Thus, we can store valuables without worrying about being damaged by natural disasters, such as floods and fires.

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However, the choice of the size of the safe should not be arbitrary. You see, each size of the safe has a different function.

So, what are the dimensions of safes and their functions?

Don’t worry, we have collected different sizes of safes, from the smallest to the largest, that you can use as needed.

1. Size Safe Portable

If you need a small safe with a simple design to store money, then this safe model can be the right choice.

Safe size portable It has a length of 20 cm with a width of 16 cm and a height of 9 cm. This safe is equipped with practical and handles or handle So, you can carry it anywhere easily.

safe size
Cash Box Krisbow 20 Cm – white

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2. Small Safe Size

Small safes are usually 31x20x20 cm and can be placed in a closet. This safe model can work to store various small jewelry, such as rings, earrings, bracelets, and even money.

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Choose a safe material made of sturdy iron with a locking system in the form of a combination code or PIN to make it more secure, as below.

safe size
Krisbow Safe 20et-12 – Black

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3. Medium Size Safe

If you are looking for a safe with a slightly larger size, then this safe may be the right choice. The dimensions of this safe are approximately 36x33x45 cm. So, we can use it as a place to store values.

Choose a safe that has high-tech security, that uses a touch screen, a locking system through the user’s fingerprint, and even an emergency lock, as below.

safe size
Klaz 36x33x45 Cm Touch Screen Safe – Black

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4. Small Rectangular Safe

Do you want to buy a safe that is simple, but still beautiful? You can choose a rectangular safe with touch screen technology.

This safe measures 45x38x23 cm. Thus, you can save important documents, from Family Cards (KK) to land certificates.

safe size
Klaz 45x38x23 Cm Touch Screen Safe – Black

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5. Medium Rectangular Safe

If you want to store more valuables, then a medium rectangular safe may be the right choice.

You can choose a safe that has a thickness of about 7 cm to be more secure. Also, choose a safe that is fireproof, waterproof and equipped with an alarm, as we recommend below.

safe size
Krisbow fireproof safe 49.6 X 39 X 35.4 Cm

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6. Big Box Safe

Do you have a lot of valuable documents? If so, you can store it in a large safe box that measures 60 cm long, 57 cm wide, and about 92 cm high.

So, you can know that the document will not be damaged because it is folded. In fact, you can use this safe to store other valuables such as gold bars, cash, etc.

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safe size
Krisbow fireproof safe 60 X 57 X 92 Cm

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7. Large Wardrobe Safe

Finally, there is a safe in the form of a closet that is quite large. This safe can be placed in a special cabinet. With a height of about 140 cm, you can store more valuables, from cash to securities.

In this way, all the necessary values ​​will not be scattered and can be found in one place. Don’t worry, this safe is equipped with two safety locks.

safe size
Lucell Fireproof Safe Lu-5000 – Black

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These are the seven sizes of safes that you can use to store small jewelry and various valuables. Well, you can get all the best safe in shopping sites online www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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