7 Safe Cycling Tips for Beginners

7 Safe Cycling Tips for Beginners

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Credit: Unsplash/Markus Spiske

When we ride a bike, we can exercise while enjoying the fresh air, the sun and the beautiful scenery. However, crowded streets make us be careful when we ride a bike. Don’t worry, there are some safe cycling tips, especially for beginners.

Thus, you can cycle without being disturbed by many obstacles, such as cracks or falls. Not that this kind of sport is dangerous, you know.

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In fact, 30 minutes of cycling a day can reduce the risk of heart disease and hit up to 35%.

So, how to ride a bike safely?

If you want to start cycling, here are some safe tips that you can do.

1. Wear comfortable clothes

When you ride a bike, you should choose clothes that can absorb sweat. You can wear it jersey specifically for cyclists made of polyester.

This cycling overall has a soft texture on the skin and is not irritating, as recommended below.

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Alph Men’s Solid Stripe Cycling Jersey Size L – Blue

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2. Do it in the morning

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Source: Unsplash/Flo Karr

The best time to cycle is in the morning. You see, the morning time is much more comfortable because the air is always fresh and cool.

In addition, you can take different positive benefits if you ride a bike in the morning, as the increase in energy and the launch of the metabolic system of the body.

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While in the afternoon usually the humidity level started to increase. Of course, this can make us sweat and tire more easily.

3. Choose a bike with a comfortable saddle

Comfort is the main advice to be able to cycle for a long time. Therefore, you need to invest more in a bike that is equipped with a soft and comfortable saddle.

Don’t worry, the saddle of this Fingard bike is made of gel so your lower body won’t hurt.

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4. Wear a Special Helmet

Of course, you have the protection of the head and the brain with a helmet specially designed for cyclists. Choose a helmet that fits your head and fasten the side straps to form a V shape under the ear.

Here are the bike helmet recommendations you can get on the site www.lacrymosemedia.com o ACE Online.

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5. Choose the Right Path

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Source: Unsplash/David Dvoracek

Tips for safe cycling for beginners that you can do is to choose a road with a flat surface and not crossed by many people. You see, rough and winding roads will be an obstacle when passing.

If you are experienced and want to cycle on the highway, then choose a special road for cyclists so as not to disturb other motorists.

6. Drive at Moderate Speed

When riding a bike, make sure you ride at a moderate speed or about 27 miles per hour. You see, pedaling too fast can put too much pressure on your knees and feet.

If we pedal too fast, it can increase the risk of injury if we fall. Of course, this will be dangerous when you are cycling on a busy road.

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7. Put your hand on the bike brake

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Source: Unsplash / Munbaik Cycling Clothing

Like motorcycles and cars, bicycles also have brakes to slow down the vehicle. Well, try to always put your hand on the brakes just in case.

The left brake of the bicycle serves to slow down the rear wheels, while the right brake is for the front wheels. So, if you want to stop safely, then pull both brake levers at the same time.

For the maximum, you can add additional brakes to the bike. The brakes below are equipped with lights that can help you light up when you’re riding your bike at night.

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These are the seven safe cycling tips that you can apply. You can get all the best bike equipment through it www.lacrymosemedia.com or ACE Online.

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