7 Relaxing Room Design Inspirations at Home

7 Relaxing Room Design Inspirations at Home

the salon
A modern themed relaxing room that gives an elegant impression

Since the pandemic Covid-19 come, we are encouraged to be careful and stay at home to avoid exposure to the virus. It’s boring, but we can create a relaxing space at home that makes you feel at home, you know.

In fact, this room can be used as a place to entertain guests, work, and do other activities.

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Relaxing room design inspiration at home

Well, this time, we have some inspiration for the design of a relaxing room at home that you can create like this.

1. Minimalist living room

A minimalist living room does not need a lot of furniture. However, we need to build a warm impression in it. One way we can do this is to use a soft and comfortable carpet.

In addition, the use of carpets also serves to muffle noisy sounds and become an additional lesehan seat.

carpet for the living room
Install the right rug to add a warm feel to the family room

You can choose a fleece texture rug made of polyester because the surface is softer and not hot, as below.

the salon
Carpet 120×170 Cm Bulu M8 – Krem

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the salon
120×170 Cm M8 Feather Rug – Green

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2. Modern living room

The interior style of a modern living room feels incomplete if there is no sofa. Well, you can put the couch sectional in the middle of the room and the shape resembles the letter U or L to make it more comfortable when you feel relaxed at home.

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Choose a neutral color sofa, such as cream or gray, which is easy to agree with a variety of furniture. Here is an inspiration for a sofa layout that you can make.

the salon
Fabric for sofas with straight section Ashley Dellara – Krem

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3. Relaxing Room Design Aesthetic

There is nothing wrong if you want to decorate the living room to be more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. In addition, a beautiful room design can increase a person’s creative side, you can use a lighter color sofa to make the family room look cheerful.

the salon
Show the ornaments on the wall to make it look more alive

In addition, we can also decorate the walls with beautiful ornaments. Choose interesting decorations, such as wall clocks, frames, glass, or paintings.

the salon
Informa 60x80x3.8 Cm Plant Wall Hanging Jy24 – White

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4. Lounge with Natural Touch

Ornamental plants are known to have positive psychological effects that can reduce stress. Therefore, you can add green ornamental plants in the corner of the room.

So, the mood of your family member when they sit together can be more positive, and can add to the beauty of the room.

plants in the living room
Place the ornamental plants to make the relaxing room more attractive

5. Design Lounge Classic

Feel incomplete if you relax in a room that does not have a television. You see, television is the main entertainment where we can watch various Korean movies or dramas when we relax.

You can put the TV on top of the cabinet. Choose a wardrobe that is equipped with a wardrobe so that it can be used as a storage space for other family room equipment.

classic salon
Preston Wardrobe 1 Drawer and 2 Doors – White Oak

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6. Elegant Lounge

Do you want to create a space that looks luxurious? Of course it can. You can use furniture made of glass or acrylic that have neutral color accents and gold.

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elegant living room
Modern style room with an elegant impression

For the maximum, add coffee table of glass in the center of the room. Here is a recommendation coffee table with gold accents too aesthetic.

the salon
Heaven Glass Guest Table – Gold

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7. Relaxing room Vintage

Don’t lose aesthetic with other designs, living room vintage it can also give a warm impression when you meet. In addition, you can express freely to decorate the room with different antiques.

living room in vintage style
Vintage style gives the impression of a timeless space

Well, you can add a yellow flash located near the wall. In this way, the light beam can illuminate the room to make it seem warmer.

the salon

Kasia Floor Lamps – Gold

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Well, here are some easy tips if you want to create a relaxing space at home. Relaxing time can be maximized if we are accompanied by favorite snacks and drinks.

You can provide drinks from Chatime that have many flavors and toppingpudding, pearl, coffee jellyup to coconut jellyas follows.

the salon
Chatime 1 Ltr Milk Tea Really Big

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the salon
Chatime 1 Ltr Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea

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