7 recommended stuffed toys for girls

7 recommended stuffed toys for girls

Dolls are girls’ toys with cute and adorable shapes. Playing with dolls, you can train your child’s imagination, creativity, and improve your little one’s social skills.

In general, dolls are divided into two types, namely human-shaped dolls and animal dolls. The size also tends to vary, from the size of a finger to the size of a child’s hand. Thus, you can adjust to your child’s preferences.

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Doll toy recommendations for girls

So, this time, we have some recommendations for doll toys for girls that can be gifts or special gifts.

1. Mell Chan Doll Toy

Mell Chan is a doll from Japan suitable for children aged 3 and up. When exposed to hot water, Mell Chan doll’s hair can change color, you know.

Mell Chan dolls are equipped with various cute accessories to accompany children while playing. Besides being fun, this Mell Chan doll can help your child learn to be responsible and develop their imagination.

mell chan doll
Mell-Little Pig Mell Chan Tpmc514597

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mell chan doll toy
Mell Chan Standard Mell 2016 512753

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2. Zuru Stuffed Toys

Well, the tips for this a doll game can also increase the joy of children. You see, the Zuru doll can speak and repeat the sentences that the little one says.

Do not worry, you can find many Zuru doll characters so that children will not get tired easily, as shown below.

stolen doll
Zuru Pets Alive Petshop Surprise S2 Doll Toy

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zuru doll toy
Zuru Boneka Plush Rainbowcorns Sweet Shake 9212

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3. Sylvanian Families dolls

Sylvanian Families are famous for their cute animal characters, from dogs to bears to rabbits. These toys, which have been produced since 1985, are also suitable for display collections in children’s rooms.

Here is a recommendation The Sylvanian Families toys what you can buy for your child.

dolls of sylvan families
Sylvanian Families Toys – 5094 Country Nurse Doll Set

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the doll toys of sylvan families
Sylvanian Families Set Mainan Anak Dining Room Esfe53780

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4. Barbie doll

Barbie is a toy introduced by Mattel in 1959. This doll is very popular among girls for various reasons. Barbie movie which is full of fantasy.

Every girl usually likes beautiful things. Now, through Barbie, your child can compose and add accessories to the doll according to their creativity.

barbie doll
Mainan Barbie Doll Surprise Box Set Gfx84

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Barbie doll
Mainan Barbie Doll Dtp Fantasy Dress-up Set Gjk40

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5. Beanie Boos dolls

Beanie Boos dolls can be the right choice if your child likes animals. You see, Beanie Boos dolls come in different animal shapes, like fish, lions, cats, and penguins.

Each Beanie Boos doll has big sparkly eyes that make them even cuter. Of course, you can also use this doll as your child’s bed friend.

beanie boos fish doll
Boneka Ty Beanie Boos Aqua Fish M

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beanie boos lion doll toy
Boneka Ty Beanie Boos Ramsey Lion R

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6. Baby Alive doll

You can also foster a child’s sense of care and sympathy by giving him a Baby Alive doll. This boy-shaped doll is equipped with various accessories, such as a pacifier, a towel and a diaper.

You can ask your child to create this doll with his friends. Thus, children can mix and improve their communication skills.

living doll
Baby Alive Boneka Bayi Splash Snuggle Blonde

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living doll toy
Baby Alive Boneka Bayi Dino Cuties Blonde Hair

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7. Iwaya Plush Doll

Iwaya is a doll soft toy from Japan in the form of a cat and a dog. Interestingly, this doll can walk while wagging its tail, jump and make sounds like real animals.

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In addition, this doll has a soft texture, so it is safe when the child is playing.

cat iwaya doll toy
Iwaya British Short Hair Cat Plush Doll

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dog iwaya doll toy
Iwaya Japanese white dog plush doll

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So, which plush toys do your little ones like the most? You can buy all the above doll toys easily only at Toys Kingdom via varietyyou know!

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