7 Recommended remote control games for children

7 Recommended remote control games for children

Toy remote control is a toy in the form of a vehicle equipped with a remote control. Of course, this toy can be an option educational games which is fun for kids.

In addition, this toy can improve children’s motor skills and coordination. Even so, you still need to pay attention to the type remote control which will be given to suit the age of your child.

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So, what are the types of remote control toys and their recommendations?

In general, there are many types of games with remote control which you can choose, as follows.

1. Okiedog Remote control car DIY

Remote control car DIY by Okiedog allows your child to disassemble and assemble their toys. Thus, they can learn to solve problems first. Toy remote control It also has sound effects that make it even more interesting.

Here are the tips remote control DIY in the form of a police car and a fire truck.

remote control police car
Okiedog Car Remote Control Diy Police

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fire truck toy
Okiedog Diecast Mobil Rc Car Diy Fire Fighter

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2. Emco Control Remote Speed ​​Demonz

Emco cars are back with a different design sportive so it is suitable for playing car racing. This toy is equipped with a sophisticated remote control that makes it easy for your child to adjust the direction and speed of the car.

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Emco Control Remote Speed ​​Demonz This game is suitable for children aged 6 and up.

remote control speed demonz tank
Emco Remote Control Speeddemonz Tank Twister

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demonz car speed remote control
Emco Rc Car Speed ​​Demonz Fireball

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3. Monster Jam Remote Control

The cars of Monster Jam are quite large with a scale of 1: 6. In addition, this toy is equipped remote control and a battery to be able to control it from 76 meters away.

It is not surprising, this toy can also be used as a collection for car enthusiasts. Here are the gaming tips remote control from the Monster Jam brand.

Monster Jam remote control game
Monster Jam Remote Control Car Mega Grave Digger

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4. Batmobile Remote control

If your little one likes it Batman moviethen you can give Batmobile remote control. This remote controlled toy car requires 2 AAA batteries for the controller and 3 AAA batteries for the vehicle.

You can give Batman toy cars to kids ages 4 and up.

batman mainan remote control
Mainan Batman Car Remote Control Smdc Ld Batmobile 6055747

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5. Games Remote control drone and Cars

Toy remote control this is quite sophisticated because you can control it with smartphones. Also, there are 2 choices of game modes viz unique game with AI and head to head with friends

wowwee REmote Control Drone and this car is suitable for children from 8 years and above.

remote control and mobile drone
Wowwee Remote Control Robot Rev Air Battle Pack

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6. Clean Robocar Toy

Robocar Poli cars have SNI standards so they are safe for children. In addition, this toy is equipped with siren sound effects and flashing lights that can attract your child’s attention.

Robocar Poli toys are suitable for children from 3 years and above and you can make them as toys gift ideas for kids.

poly robocar toy
Robocar Poli Remote Control Racer Roy 83186

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robocar poli remote control
Remote Control Robocar Poli Racer Amber 83188

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7. Toy Rastar Buggati con Remote control

The Buggati toy car from Rastar comes with a cool and stylish design. Plus, games remote control It is available in several color options to complete the collection.

The following are recommendations for Rastar toy cars that are suitable for 5-7 year olds.

buggy car
Mainan Rastar Rc Car Buggati Grand Sp Rst53900 Mixed

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These are some tips for toy cars with remote control the best you can buy at Toys Kingdom via variety.

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