7 recommended Play-Doh toys for 5-year-olds

7 recommended Play-Doh toys for 5-year-olds

Play-Doh or Play Dough is a child’s toy in the form of plasticine dough that comes in a variety of attractive colors. Usually, Play-Doh is used as a toy for children aged 5 and up.

Besides being fun, this toy can also train your child’s motor nerves and imagination, too increase their creativity.

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Play-Doh toys recommended for 5-year-olds

This time, we have some recommendations for Play-Doh toys that are suitable for you to give to 5-year-old children, as follows.

1. Playdoh Mainan Dino Crate Escape F1503

Toy recommendations for 5 year olds
Playdoh Mainan Dino Crate Escape F1503

Only 140 thousand IDR

Invite your children to learn the history of dinosaurs through this Pla-Doh series. Of course, learning while playing is more fun and effective with these dinosaur figures and accessories.

In addition, this product also comes in colors that attract the child’s attention.

2. Play Doh Toy Set Rescue Firetruck F0649

Play doh toys for 5 year olds
Play Doh Rescue Firetruck Toy Set F0649

Only 140 thousand IDR

If your child likes toy cars, you can buy toys Play Doh Firetruck Rescue Toy Set this as a gift.

This toy comes with a miniature truck, mold accessories, and 2 cans of Play-Doh that can make the game even more interesting.

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Don’t worry, these toys for kids are made of materials that are guaranteed to be safe for 5 year olds to play with.

3. Play-doh Cash Register

5 year old toy
Cash Register Play-doh

Only 170 thousand IDR

You can also educate children from an early age through the series Cash Register Play-doh this. The miniature cashier can make a sound only by installing the battery so that the product can work properly.

In addition to this, you can also invite your child to know the colors and shapes available in Play-Doh.

4. Playdoh Toys Endless Fuzzy Pumper F1260

Play doh toys for 5 year olds
Playdoh Toy Endless Fuzzy Pumper F1260

Only 230 thousand IDR

A type of game that children usually like are salon or hair styling games. Well, the Play Doh toy brand also provides toys with miniature characters that your child can change the shape of their hair according to their respective creations.

5. Playdoh fries F1320

plasticine toys for children
Playdoh fries F1320

Only 310 thousand IDR

Children’s games Playdoh-fries This can be played by boys and girls. Your little one can imagine being a little chef with a set of kitchen utensils and some plasticine bottles and their molds.

Moreover, they can also open a restaurant with their friends. This is because the Play-Doh theme for the french fries menu is also complete with dishes, sauces and packaging.

6. Playdoh Mainan Care N Carry Vet F3639

Plasticine toys recommendations
Playdoh Mainan Care N Carry Vet F3639

Only 490 thousand IDR

Besides being unique, your child’s creativity will be further trained with cute Play-Doh dogs. Your little one can pretend to be a vet because this set is also equipped with a thermometer, stethoscope and other supporting accessories.

You can make this toy as a gift for children from 3 to 5 years old.

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7. Playdoh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Set F1039

play pasta games
Playdoh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Set F1039

Only IDR 2 million

This set of toys is suitable to make as a birthday present for your child. This toy consists of a truck with a height of about 90 cm, your child can play with friends or peers.

They can also express their imagination through an ice cream truck that is also equipped with molds, cutlery and other decorating tools.

So here are some tips for Play Doh toys for 5 year olds. You can get all the above kids toys only at Toys Kingdom through shopping sites online variety

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