7 Recommended games for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids

7 Recommended games for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with giving gifts to show affection. However, the moment of giving this gift is not only intended for partners.

As mother and daughter, we can also celebrate Valentine’s Day. Yes! You can celebrate a day full of love with your children by giving them gifts valentine in toy form.

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calm, This promo runs until February 28, 2023. Therefore, you still have time to buy toys to be used as gifts for your little ones.

Recommendations for children’s toys for Valentine’s Day gifts

We have some ideas for children’s toys that are useful as Valentine’s Day gifts, as follows.

1. Children’s blackboard

A gift idea that you can give your child is a blackboard. In addition to learning, whiteboards can also be a place for them to express their creativity by writing and drawing.

Choose a table that is made of plastic and has 2 sides to work on, as we recommend below.

gaming tips
Kiddy Star Kids board

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2. LEGO The ambulance of the Animal Friends clinic

This LEGO game has a car and character theme and consists of 54 pieces. You can give this toy as a gift to your child who is 5-7 years old. In addition, LEGO toys can train their thinking, imagination and motor skills from an early age, you know.

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gaming tips
The LEGO® Friends 41694 Pet Clinic Ambulance

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3. Game recommendations Magnetic bar

To introduce colors and shapes to your child, you can use toys magnetic bar. The toy bar or stick is made of plastic with different colors.

In addition, this toy is also equipped with a magnet, so they can connect with each other.

gaming tips
Kiddy Star Set 27 Pieces Mainan Magnetic Bar & Balls

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kingdom of promo games

4. Block Toys

For your 3-5 year old child, you can give educational toys, such as blocks. You see, block games can train motor skills and imaginative power.

We have recommendations for block games made of plastic with 180 pieces and you can buy them for Rp 100,000.

180 pcs red bag block toys
180 pcs red bag block toys

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5. Picture Board

If you don’t want to give a blackboard because it’s too big for your little one, you can make a drawing board as an alternative, like the following.

This board game is equipped with a special stamp and a pen. You can buy board games for only 100,000 IDR.

Kiddy Star Yellow Magnetic Drawing Board - M
Kiddy Star Yellow Magnetic Drawing Board – M

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6. Recommendations for Children’s Educational Toys

You can make educational toys for children a Valentine’s Day gift idea for your child who is 3 years old.

One of them is a Kiddy Star toy that consists of 10 cubes filled with letters, 20 number blocks and 32 educational game cards.

gaming tips
Educational Game Kiddy Star 2 In 1 Red

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7. Children’s Plan Games

There are many benefits of musical toys for children, such as increasing brain skills, stimulating the sense of hearing and increasing creativity.

So, you can give a piano game that has 47 types of instruments as a Valentine’s Day gift for them. This game is also equipped with features record and take up so that your child can record and play back the sound that was played.

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Olike Hand Roll Piano V2
Olike Hand Roll Piano V2

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So, of the seven tips for children’s toys above, which one would you give as a Valentine’s Day gift idea?

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