7 Recommendations for Nerf Toy Guns, a budget of Rp. 200,000

7 Recommendations for Nerf Toy Guns, a budget of Rp. 200,000

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Shooting games can be a type of games to give to boys. This toy is usually made of plastic material with foam balls, so it will not cause injury to children.

Even so, as parents, we always need to be careful to choose a toy gun that is suitable for the age of the child.

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To ensure the safety of your child, you can buy shooting toys from the Nerf brand. Also, there are many type of Nerf game what you can do with your child.

Don’t worry, the price of Nerf toys is quite affordable, you can even buy it for only 200,000 IDR.

Recommendations Nerf Toys at a price of IDR 200,000

The following are tips for Nerf toys for only 200,000 IDR that you can give to boys.

1. Nerf Pistol Toy Elite

Nerf Elite is suitable for children to play with their friends. There are two choices of Nerf toy guns that you can choose from, namely with 6 and 12 bullets that you can choose from. Both these toy guns are made of plastic material.

The filling of balls is also made with soft foam so it is not dangerous for children, like our recommendations below.

nerf gun
Nerf Elite 2.0 Volt Gun for Kids Sd1 E9953

Price 167 thousand IDR

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mainan elite nerf gun
Nerf Toy Gun Elite 2.0 Commander – Blue

Price 209 thousand IDR

2. Nerf Toy Gun Blaster

The Blaster game gun has 3 bullets with a shooting range that can reach up to 21 meters. This one-shot toy is also equipped with a light, which makes it easier for your child to aim at the targets in the dark.

nerf blaster gun
Nerf Nstrike Elite Jolt Blaster

Price 59 thousand IDR

Nerf Blaster Toy Gun
Nerf Mainan Firestryke Blaster 1114 Gun

Price 107 thousand IDR

3. Nerf Pistol Maintan Alpha Strike

Nerf Alpha Strike is suitable for children aged 8-11 and is equipped with a magazine for ammunition. Don’t worry, this 22.2 x 67 x 6.5 cm toy gun is made of premium plastic material, so it’s lightweight and safe for kids.

mainan nerf alpha strike gun
Nerf gun Mainan Alpha Strike Mantis Lr 1 F2254

Price 299 thousand IDR

4. Nerf Pistol Mainan Ultra Two

In addition to being fun, the Ultra Two game gun can improve fire and movement baby motor. Here are the Nerf Ultra Two tips for boys ages 8 and up.

mainan ultra two pistol
Nerf gun Mainan Ultra Two E7922

Price 239 thousand IDR

5. Nerf Alpha Strike Buoy

This type of Nerf toy gun is suitable for playing at home. In addition to being equipped with bullets, this toy is equipped with a target board as a target for shooting.

Thus, your child can train the ability to coordinate between his eyes and hands.

mainan alpha strike pistol
Nerf Alpha Strike Boa Rc 6 Target Set F2469

Price Rp 244 thousand

6. Nerf Stego-Smash

Nerf Stego-Smash comes with a theme dinosquad and designed to resemble dinosaur animals. This toy gun has 5 bullets that are safe for children. You can take your kids on adventures and role plays with this toy gun.

nerf stego smash
Nerf Stego-smash F0806

Price 209 thousand IDR

7. Fortnite Nerf Gun

The Fortnite game gun from Nerf is here to accompany the fun of children. This toy can shoot 4 bullets in a row before being reloaded. With this toy gun, you can train children’s creativity, imaginative power and motor skills.

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mainan nerf fortnite gun
Nerf gun Mainan Fortnite Sr E9734

Price 279 thousand IDR

So, here are some tips for toy guns that you can give to boys. You can get all the above toy guns easily at Toys Kingdom via variety.

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