7 Recommendations for My Little Pony Toys for children

7 Recommendations for My Little Pony Toys for children

my little pony recommendation

My Little Pony is it girl’s toy produced by Hasbro in 1981 in the form of a horse. Later, this game developed into a popular animated series in 2010.

character My Little Pony It is known for its beautiful shape and color. There are many characters My Little Pony famous ones, such as Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie.

Various Banners

Each of these characters has different characteristics. Some are leaders, some are full of laughter, and some are loyal friends.

Of course, each of these characters has bright colors, so they can easily attract the attention of children.

Game recommendations My Little Pony The best

Go ahead, see some gaming tips My Little Pony that you can give to your little one!

1. My Little Pony Smoothie Truck

You can invite your child to play the role of seller and buyer of drinks with toys My Little Pony Smoothie Truck. To make it more exciting, ask your child to make variations of the menu smoothie which will be sold.

This toy game already consists of a pony figure, a truck smoothieand various accessories that make the game even more fun.

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mainan my little pony smoothie truck
My Little Pony Sunny Starscout Smoothie Truck F6339

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2. My Little Pony Sparkle Reveal

Then there are games My Little Pony Sparkle Reveal. In this toy, there is a ball that stores beautiful accessories to add to the pony figures. Interestingly, this toy can produce colored light in the dark, you know.

mainan my little pony sparkle reveals
My Little Pony Sparkle Reveal Lantern F3329

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3. My Little Pony Magic World

Go, create miracles with children by making the world My Little Pony Magic theme! In this toy set, you already have 1 figure measuring 2.5 cm with 40 supporting decorations.

So, you can accompany your child in the assembly and arrangement of his toys, you know!

the magical world of the game
My Little Pony Mini Magic World Compact Creation Bridlewood F5246

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mainan my little pony magic world
My Little Pony Mini Magic with Company Creation Zephyr Heights F5247

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4. My Little Pony figure

In addition playsetYou can also buy figure toys My Little Pony complete with accessories such as hair and bracelets.

You can also make this pony figure as a collection and display it inside girls room, you know. Go ahead, check out the tips below.

picture my little pony
My Little Pony Mainan Unicorn Sparkle E9106

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figur mainan my little pony
My Little Pony Doll Magical Cadance E9189

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5. My Little Pony Secret Rings

Do you want to surprise your child? Well, you can give your child a toy My Little Pony Secret Rings. In this toy, there are cute pony rings and figures that can be used by children.

Because it is secret, this ring is suitable as a ring birthday gifts even, you know. Interesting, huh!

secret ring toy
My Little Pony Mainan Anelli Secret Rings F1289

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6. My Little Pony Doodle

Does your child like to draw? If yes, you can still give My Little Pony Doodle. So, your little one can show off his creativity and imagination, in addition, your child can also learn to recognize different shapes, you know!

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my little pony doodle
My Little Pony Doodle 01 Nb-03939

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7. My Little Pony Toys with Sound

There are also toys My Little Pony that can make the sound with the battery, ie My Little Pony, singing star and She sings and skates.

Of course, this toy will be more fun for your child. So, your child can play while listening to exciting music.

mainan my little pony singing star
My Little Pony Mainan Movie Singing Star F1796

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my pony sings and skates
My Little Pony Mainan Sing & Skate Sunny F1786

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Here is the game recommendation My Little Pony best for girls you can get Kingdom of toys through variety. Exciting, right?

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