7 Recommendations for modern children’s toys at Toys Kingdom

7 Recommendations for modern children’s toys at Toys Kingdom

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In this month of February full of love and affection, buy online official Kingdom of toys through variety offers a variety of attractive promotions for you, you know. Yes! One of them is a collection of modern toys for children that you can buy as gifts for your child.

Interestingly, you can find different types of modern children’s educational toys. Therefore, this toy can shape your child’s growth and development, from mentality to fine motor development.

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In addition, there is also a large collection of games that rely on advanced technology. Thus, you can teach your little one about the technological developments in the modern era.

So, what are the recommendations for modern children’s toys that you can buy?

So, we have a list of modern toys for children that you can buy as gifts for your children, as follows.

1. LEGO Flower bouquet of the creator

LEGO is famous as a children’s toy that can sharpen creativity. Well, you can give it LEGO toys This is in the form of a bouquet of colorful flowers as a child’s Valentine gift. Unique, right?

Don’t worry, this LEGO toy is made of ABS plastic with 756 pieces. Go ahead, invite your child to assemble the LEGO flowers.

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LEGO® Creator Flower Bouquet 10280

Check it out here

2. Types of children’s toy cars

You can give modern children’s toys in the form of cars as Valentine’s Day gifts. See, this game can teach them about the technology used in car transport.

In addition, this toy car uses battery technology and remote control 2.4 GHz. Thus, you can invite your child to play with cars on the terrace of the house while enjoying the afternoon weather.

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Each Italian Super Car Red Rc (453)

Check it out here

3. Full bed Living Animals

So, if you are looking for the best doll toys for girls, you can give toys from the Zuru brand. Unique, this doll can repeat what we say, you know.

In one package, this toy already consists of 6 adorable pet dolls. Of course, your child will be happy to receive this gift.

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Zuru Pets Alive Pet Shop Surprise

Check it out here

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4. Types of Baby Alive toys for children

Besides Zuru, you can also give Baby Alive brand dolls for your little ones, you know. Uniquely, this doll can emit sound and light. So, your little one will feel like they have friends while they play.

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Baby Alive Mainan Lulu Achoo Blonde F2620

Check it out here

5. Mice Bucket

If we want to provide a useful educational toy, we have a hat recognition model bucket with a marker in it.

Not without reason, these markers are useful so that your child can color his own hat. In addition, the process of coloring hats can also train the level of creativity of your child, you know.

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Kiddy Star Topi Bucket Fashion Your Own Panama Hat Boy

Check it out here

6. Types of NERF toys

In addition to toy cars, toy guns are also suitable for boys. Take it easy, the toys and balls are made of plastic that is safe for children from the age of 8. So if your child is hit by a bullet, they won’t get hurt.

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Nerf gun Mainan Alpha Strike Mantis Lr 1 F2254

Check it out here

7. LEGO Friends Series games

Did you know that playing with your little one can improve relationships or bond be tighter? Yes! You can take advantage of the time bond just inviting you to play LEGO.

Uniquely, LEGO has many series of toys. One of which is friends which means friend. In this series, there are 451 pieces of LEGO that are suitable for you to play with your little ones.

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LEGO® Friends Hrtlke Cinema 41448

Check it out here

These are seven tips for modern toys that you can buy as gift ideas for your child. You can get the modern children’s toys above at a cheaper price.

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