7 Recommendations for Miniforce toys under 300,000 IDR

7 Recommendations for Miniforce toys under 300,000 IDR

Miniforce is animated film from South Korea produced by SMAG Entertainment. This animation is about an animal troop secret agent who can transform into a robot.

Due to its popularity among children, we can also find different types of Miniforce toys, such as figures, robots and masks. Not surprisingly, this Miniforce toy is often used as a gift for your child.

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Recommended Miniforce Toys Under IDR 300,000

To make your child more cheerful, complete the collection of different Miniforce toys below, go!

1. Mainan Miniforce Volt

Volt is a blue fur squirrel character who also serves as the leader of the Miniforce team. This character is famous for being funny, mischievous, but funny.

If your child likes this character, you can give him a Miniforce toy with a Volt figure equipped with a Megalodon robot and weapon accessories. This toy is suitable for children aged 3 and up.

it was toy miniforce
Miniforce Small Figure Volt + megalodon

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figure miniforce volt
Miniforce S4 Volt Big Animaltron

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2. Miniforce Sammy toys

Miniforce Sammy is a red pointed-eared owl who acts as sub-category in the team. Unlike Volt, Sammy has a calm and steady nature.

So, you can buy the Miniforce Sammy figure game which is available in 2 sizes namely 18.5 X 19.5 X 7.5 cm and 32.9 x 10.0 x 25.0 cm. Each figure is equipped with a toy gun to make it more realistic.

miniforce sammy toy
Miniforce Small Figure Sammy + ptera

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miniforce sammy figure
Miniforce S4 Sammy Big Animaltron

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3. Miniforce Max

Miniforce Max is a muscular yellow otter. In robot form, this yellow character is bigger than his teammates. However, behind his big body, he has a friendly, kind and helpful nature.

So, you can buy a Miniforce Max toy figure equipped with a Brachiosaurus robot, like the one below.

mainan miniforce max
Miniforce Small Figure Max + e-arm

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figure miniforce max
Miniforce S4 Max Big Animaltron

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4. Miniforce Lucy

Miniforce also has a cute character, namely Lucy. She is a pink fur fox who has an innocent nature. Lucy’s robot form also has a slimmer body than the other robots.

Like the other figures, Toys Kingdom’s Miniforce Lucy toy also has a Tricera robot in the same color. In addition, there is also a Miniforce Lucy Big Animaltron figure toy that can emit light and sound.

mainan miniforce lucy
Miniforce small figures Lucy+tricera

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miniforce lucy figure
Miniforce S4 Lucy Big Animaltron

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5. Miniforce Jacks

Jacky has an enthusiastic personality and is a loyal Volt fan. In animal and robot form, Jacky is dominated by lime green.

To complete your Miniforce collection, you can purchase a Miniforce Jacky figure with a Tyrannosaurus robot, as shown below.

miniforce jacky toy
Miniforce Small Figure Jacky+tyrant

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miniforce jacky figure
Miniforce S4 Jacky Big Animaltron

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6. Mini Force Ray

Ray is a Miniforce special agent who has some animal genetics. In a way, Ray is one of the Miniforce agents who is quite strong. Its body is black and it has a pair of wings on its back.

So here is a recommendation for a Miniforce Ray figure measuring 18.5X 19.5X 7.5cm with a shape-shifting Pteranodon robot.

keep miniforce ray
Miniforce Small Figure Ray + ptera

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7. Miniforce Leo

The Miniforce character Leo is famous for his wealth and high-tech devices. he is type of cat Black onyx with cobalt blue eyes and muzzle. On the one hand, Leo is quite narcissistic and arrogant. However, he is friendly and professional.

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Leo’s robot form at first glance resembles Ray. The difference is, most of Leo’s body is gray with small pieces of yellow and brown. The following is a recommendation for the figure of Leo and the robot Stegosaurus.

miniforce leo toys
Miniforce Small Figure Leo+stego

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These are some tips for Miniforce toys from Toys Kingdom. You can buy Minforce games above and educational games others for your little one right across variety.

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