7 Recommendations for Good Baby Rugs

7 Recommendations for Good Baby Rugs

folding mat for children
Folding rug for children 130×190 Cm Strada Pvc

Playmat it is a thick play mat that is often used as a place for children to play so they don’t get hurt. There are many types of advice play mat child However, is this play mat really important for your child?

The answer, of course, is important. In addition to protecting your child from impact on the floor, play mat It can also affect their growth and development.

Various banners

You see, a thick base that is usually made of rubber that is equipped with funny pictures. In addition, your child can also use this mat to learn how to crawl so as not to hurt himself.

So what is the function? Playmat do it poppet?

Well, to answer this question, we have summarized some of the functions play mat the following.

1. Stimulate your little one’s motor skills

This playmat can train your child’s motor skills, from the muscles of the hands, feet, to the stomach. Also, when your child learns to climb or sit, which requires coordination between the muscles of the body.

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2. Improve the visual power of children

Children’s vision is usually still blurry when they are born, especially if the object is located at a long distance. However, they can more easily recognize objects with bright and impressive colors.

Well, usually special children’s rugs or play mat It is designed with bright colors and adorable graphics.

3. Develop sensory stimulation

Children’s play mats are available in many types. Some are equipped with different music, textures and images, and come in bright colors.

This can help your child develop their senses, such as the sense of hearing and the sense of touch.

Recommendation Playmat which is good and safe for children

Well, we also have some tips for baby play mats that you can use for your child.

1. Little Giggles – Giraffe Alphabet play mat

Playmat This has a nice reason that is interesting because it consists of two different sides. So, your child can play while learning. In addition, this carpet is also free of chemical odors and anti-bacterial, so it is safe for the use of children.

You can buy this product for about 329 thousand IDR.

Baby rug advice
Little Giggles – Giraffe Alphabet play mat

Check it out here

2. Recommendations Playmat Anak Bestway Animals Friendly

Playmat it is made of material vinyl which is equipped with a barrier on each side, so you do not have to worry about your child being bumped. This pedestal suitable for the use of children aged 4-24 months and you can get it for 329 thousand IDR.

baby play mat
Bestway Friendly Animals Playmat 132x132x23 cm
children's playground
Bestway Friendly Animals play mat 132x132x23 cm

Check it out here

3. Recommendations Playmat Anak Wowwee Baby Shark Tummy Time

To enhance your child’s sense of touch, you can also choose the type of play mat which is the shape of a pool. Thus, you can fill the available holes with air or water.

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You can buy the Wowwee Baby Shark Tummy Time Playmat for 349 thousand IDR.

rug for children
Wowwee Baby Shark Tummy Time Playmat 61478

Check it out here

4. Kiddy Fun Dance Mixer Music Playmat

Playmat It is suitable for ages 3 and up and can be connected to MP3. Thus, it can train the cognitive and sensory nerves of your child. You can buy it play mat this is worth it 605 thousand IDR.

nice play mat for kids
Kiddy Fun Dance Mixer Music Playmat

Check it out here

5. Funnylon Playmat Bricks

The colors on the play mat can stimulate your child’s vision. You can put play mat made of soft material in the children’s playroom. Funnylon Playmat Bricks you can buy it for Rp 699 thousand.

colorful play mat for children
Funnylon Playmat Bricks – Merah

Check it out here

6. Folding mat for children 130 × 190 Cm Pvc Road

This play mat is suitable as a base for placing various children’s play needs, such as tables, chairs, etc. In addition, this product is also easy to store because you can fold it and it is anti-slip. Get this folding mat for kids for IDR 1.1 million.

folding mat for children
Folding rug for children 130×190 Cm Strada in PVC

Check it out here

7. Child care Play mat for children The world of history

When looking for a size play mat big enough, then you can give this product one. Playmat This is complemented by a small cheerful colorful image. So, you can train your child’s curiosity and creativity. You can buy it withthe price of Rp 2.3 million.baby play mat

Play mat for children Story World 210×140 Cm

Check it out here

Well, here are some tips play mat the best child. You can get all the above products through the shopping site online www.lacrymosemedia.com.

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