7 Recommendations for Baby Alive Toys for your child

7 Recommendations for Baby Alive Toys for your child

Baby alive toy recommendations

Doll toys are one of the right choices of toys for 3-year-old girls. You see, playing with dolls can provide a number of educational benefits, such as increasing awareness and training creativity.

In addition, you can also teach children how to be responsible baby care the best possible, you know!

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Even so, you need to make sure that the doll you choose is safe and depending on the age of your child, it’s okay! Relax, you can give your child a plush toy Baby Alive.

Game recommendations Baby Alive

This time, we have several options children’s toys Baby Alive what can you give your child? Listen, go!

1. Baby Alive Foodie Cuties

Go, invite the children to take care of their dolls with toys Baby Alive Foodie Cuties. This toy consists of a small doll complete with accessories, such as chair and eat

So even your child can pretend to feed his favorite food to his favorite doll.

mainan baby alive cuties foodie
Baby Alive Mainan Foodie Cuties Ast F3551

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2. Baby Alive Sunshine Snack

You can also give children Baby Alive Sunshine Snack to accompany him to play while swimming. Interestingly, this toy can be eaten, you know! So, you can use it to train your child’s creativity and imagination.

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mainan baby alive sunshine snack
Baby Alive Boneka Bayi Sunshine Snack Blonde Hair F1680

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3. Baby Alive Princess Ellie is growing up

Do you want to invite your child to decorate his doll to make it more beautiful? Well, you can give him a toy Baby Alive Princess Ellie is growing up.

Besides being able to make sounds, this doll toy can grow taller to become a princess, you know! In fact, your child can change the clothes of the doll according to his wishes. Exciting, isn’t it?

mainan living creature grows
Baby Alive Princess Ellie Grows Up Brown F5237

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4. dolls Baby Alive by bike

You can also take your child for a walk accompanied by a doll Baby Alive the following. See, this doll toy is equipped bike cute Here are the gaming tips Baby Alive what you can buy.

living child's toy with the bicycle
Baby Alive Boneka Bayi Littles Roll & Pedal Trike E7410

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5. Baby Alive Rainbow Spa

Salon games are very popular and many girls like them. Well, you can give toys Baby Alive Rainbow Spa role play with the child.

Your little one can pretend to be the owner of a salon and spa, while you and your doll can act as visitors! Funny isn’t it?

baby alive rainbow spa
Baby Alive Rainbow Spa Brown F5618

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rainbow spa toy for baby
Baby Alive Rainbow Spa Blonde F5617

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6. Baby Alive Lulu Achoo

In addition to playing in the halls, you can also invite your child to play doctor Baby Alive Lulu Achoo. Even more exciting, this toy can react to what you do, you know!

For example, if your child takes care and wipes the nose of a doll that is sick, then the doll will move its hand to indicate that it is better.

baby alive lulu achoo
Baby Alive Mainan Lulu Achoo Blonde F2620

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7. Baby Alive Glo Pixies

Go, create a fairy world with your children Baby Alive Glo Pixies! Every doll in the series Hello Pixies It has beautiful wings and can make sounds.

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To make it more exciting, try inviting your children to decorate their play area to make it look like a fantasy world.

baby alive glo pixies
Baby Alive Mainan Glo Pixies Sammie Shimmer F2595

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Well, it’s a gaming recommendation Baby Alive as small as you can get Kingdom of toys through variety.

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