7 Places Vulnerable to Mosquito Nests at Home. Clean up, go!

7 Places Vulnerable to Mosquito Nests at Home. Clean up, go!

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CRainfall in various regions in Indonesia shows an increasing intensity. This is a sign, the rainy season is back for the next few months. In addition to checking the condition of the house to avoid leaks, there is one more thing you should do: eradicate mosquito nests!

Getting rid of mosquitoes from the roots is a very effective thing to do.

The benefit, in addition to avoiding the itchy bite, you and your family will be protected from the potential of dengue disease and even contracting the Zika virus.

before that, yuk Know first where the favorite place of this animal to nest.

Put mosquito nets in the house

1. Bucket Shelter

Mosquito Nest

Abundant rainwater can be reused at certain times, especially in the dry season.

The trick, just provide a bucket equipped with a cover and then collect the water that enters it and then close it tightly.

Unfortunately, the bucket has a huge potential to become a nest for mosquitoes.

It would be better if you sprinkle abate powder in the bucket and do not use the water for cooking purposes.

2. AC Water Line

Mosquito Nest

Not only in water reservoirs, waste water wells from home air conditioners also have the potential to become nests for animals that spread this disease.

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Don’t let it grow there, removing it diligently or scooping the water and throwing it on the lawn.

3. Bathroom Bath Soft Target Mosquito Nest

Mosquito Nest

In addition to the outdoor area, the water reservoir in the bathroom can also be used by mosquitoes as a place for them to breed.

Especially if you rarely use the water in the tub.

Therefore, do not forget to drain and clean the tub regularly.

4. Aquarium

Mosquito Nest

Although there are fish in the aquarium that incidentally can eat mosquito larvae, this does not mean that they can disappear.

There will definitely be one or two potential mosquitoes left in it.

Not only aquariums, fish ponds outside the house can also be a place for these animals to grow.

5. Flower pot

Mosquito Nest

Placing fresh flowers in the house can make a room look better cool and beautiful too.

To keep these plants can last a long time, there must be water in the vase as a medium of life.

But be careful!

Because the water often contains larvae that grow into adults if not treated quickly.

6. Animal drinks

Mosquito Nest

For those of you who love pets like cats and dogs, don’t miss out on checking their drinking water containers.

Periodically check the water that you don’t finish drinking, don’t stay in that place for too long.

If you leave it, of course, the water can be used as a place to lay eggs for mosquitoes.

7. Dispenser

Mosquito Nest

At the bottom of the dispenser is often equipped with a bowl or container to collect spilled water.

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Do not ignore the container and be diligent in cleaning and disposing of the water. Don’t you know that mosquitoes often nest here?

Don’t take fly control lightly in your home area, Property!

Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? I hope these tips are helpful for all of you.

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