7 places to store safes at home to be safe

7 places to store safes at home to be safe

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A safe is a storage area in the form of a cabinet made of iron and is usually equipped with security features, fire resistance and water resistance. Not only in the office, there are many people who use the safe at home.

The safety function is used as maintain the valuessuch as money, gold, jewelry, and others. The reason is that this storage space is actually safer than a closet.

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Even so, we always place the safe in a hidden area so that it is not easily accessible to others, especially when there are guests coming to the house.

So, where are the best safe hideouts?

Answering these questions, here is a guide to hiding of course at home to maintain valuable values.

1. Store Behind the Wall

The walls of the house are squares that are not easy for others to guess because they usually do not seem obvious. You can make a small hidden room to put a safe.

To increase security, you can also cover the wall with paintings or large cabinets.

2. Keep the Safe Behind the Tiles of the House

In addition to the wall area, we can create a special small room behind the tiles. Usually, this room is connected to the basement where unused items are stored.

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You can make this place hidden in many rooms, such as the workspace, and even under the bed. Cover with a rug so it doesn’t come out.

3. Hide in the Staircase

If you live in a multi-storey residence, you can use one of the stairs to make a safe place. This place is a part of the house that is not easily known by others.

However, you can use it alone The safes are small and rectangular in shape that resemble stairs.

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4. Hide Behind Home Furniture

You can use some home furniture as squares, such as the bottom of the sofa, behind the mirror, behind the refrigerator, and others.

In addition, you can also use camouflage techniques by storing safes that have the same color as the furniture.

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5. Keep Safe in Air Vent

The next hiding place is a fake air vent that is not too high. Therefore, it does not prevent the passage of air in and out.

You can do it yourself easily. Just punch a hole in the wall according to the size of the safe. Then, cover with the air cover.

6.Put it in the attic of the house

The attic is also a suitable place to hide this storage area because it is not easily accessible to others. In addition, the attic is usually a place to store things that are no longer used.

You can cover the safe with an old cloth so that it does not get dusty and dirty easily.

7. Modify the Inside of the Wardrobe

Usually, the wardrobe has location enough to store objects or boxes. With a little modification, you can use this area to hide the safe. In any case, make sure that the material of the wardrobe is sturdy and strong.

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