7 Pictures of Simple 6×9 Houses in the Village

7 Pictures of Simple 6×9 Houses in the Village

simple but beautiful house model in the country-instagram rumah_stia

Looking for inspiration to build or renovate a house in the country? Go ahead, take a look at different pictures of simple houses that measure 6×9 in the following countries.

Many urban people dream of having a simple house in the country with a big garden.

Because, they want to find a residential environment that is quieter and also has fresh air.

Usually, simple models of houses in the country are designed with a typical style of tropical architecture.

For example, generally country houses come with a fairly free terrace.

One of the simplest house plans that are widely used is 6×9.

Here are different pictures of simple houses in the country that can be ideas when building a residence.

Let’s just watch it together!

7 Pictures of a 6×9 Medium House in the Village

1. Modern Tropical Residence

simple little house in the village-instagram dhian_setyarini,jpg

(Source: Instagram/@dhian_setyarini)

This 2 bedroom house design in this country is suitable for the Owners who are newly married.

Although it seems simple, the minimalist house 6 × 9 is enough to meet the need for comfortable housing.

In addition, the simple house model also has a carport area that can accommodate 2 motorcycles. and 1 car.

2. Simple minimalist home

simple house model in the country

(Source: Ladynguysie.blogspot.com)

The picture of a simple 6 × 9 house in the country looks aesthetic with a minimalist facade design.

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A small simple house in this village is enough for those of you who have just had a baby.

Although it is small, the house plan 6 × 9 can also be equipped with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

3. Residential with a beautiful garden

simple but beautiful home photos

(Source: Rumahpopular.com)

The simple but beautiful house model in the country feels beautiful thanks to the presence of the front garden.

The pictures of simple minimalist houses in this country will make you and your family members feel the fresh air.

In addition, the design of the facade is also cool because it uses natural stone accents on the walls.

4. Beautiful Minimalist Home Inspiration

pictures of simple houses in the country

(Source: Livedesign.com)

Looking for pictures of simple but beautiful country houses? Therefore, this image can be one of your inspirations.

The Palimanan stone on the exterior wall of the house certainly provides a beautiful accent for the facade.

The warm yellow lighting is able to make the image of a simple 6×9 house in this country even more beautiful.

5. House with Hollow Iron Fence

2 bedroom house design 6x9

(Source: Livedesign.com)

The front model of a simple house in the country will look luxurious with the selection of the right fence design.

Like the design of this 6×9 elongated house that uses a black hollow iron fence.

The fence model looks in harmony with the latest minimalist house design 6 × 9.

6. Simple tropical house model

picture of a simple 6x9 house in the country

(Source: Korankompi.blogspot.com)

Pictures of simple houses with tropical styles are sought after by people in the country because they look aesthetically pleasing.

For example, a minimalist house in this country that looks attractive with palimanan stone walls.

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The picture of the simple house looks more natural with the tile floor with a wooden motif.

7. Home Model 6 × 9 Front View

picture of a simple 6x9 house in a beautiful village

(Source: Livedesign.com)

This minimalist residential facade design can be your inspiration when you want to build a house.

The reason is that the decoration is beautiful with the presence of decorative lights on the terrace poles.

Although it is located on a limited plot, this residence has a beautiful front garden, thus adding to the cool atmosphere.

Well, there are many pictures of simple 6×9 houses in the country that you can use as ideas for building a house.

I hope this article can add information for you, yes!

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