7 One Story House and Shop Designs for Entrepreneurs

7 One Story House and Shop Designs for Entrepreneurs

Design of a house and a store on one floor

There are many designs of single story houses more functional and shops, which are suitable for entrepreneurial use. Read the following reviews, go ahead.

Are you a home owner thinking of opening a small business at home?

Well, why not take advantage of the garage floor, carportor a yard to make a simple kiosk in front of the house.

Having a small shop in front of your house will make it easier for you to start a business that has been pioneered.

Now, there are many cool and functional single story house and shop designs.

Like the following minimalist image of the store

7 Best Design Inspirations for Single Story Homes and Stores

1. Minimalist Store Style

small storefront design for a minimalist house

(Source: Instagram / @rumahminimalis)

If the Property People have a single story residence with a large enough land, then this model may be the best choice.

The design of the house and the store front of this house will make it easier for potential buyers to access it.

For security reasons, owners can use it rolling door iron to keep the shop safe from theft.

2. Tropical Small Shop Model

simple design of a small store

(Source: Instagram / @rumahminimalis)

Retail house designs like this can generally accommodate the needs of businesses that sell basic necessities.

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Property people can take advantage of the surplus land to design houses and shops like this

You can choose an attractive tropical house design, because it can bring many buyers.

3. Shop with Wooden Fence

a small minimalist grocery store design

(Source: Instagram / @rafapahing)

In addition to being tropical, you can also create a unique design of a small shop with a fence.

The presence of a home fence will certainly make your shop safer when you let it go.

The use of natural stone walls combined with iron screen, is able to present a natural accent on the facade.

4. Shop Design in the Village

home design plus a minimalist store in the country

(Source: Instagram / @designrumah)

The design of the shop in this next country looks so functional and simple.

Its minimalist form is suitable for a commercial shop or other businesses.

Although the size is not large, this simple small shop design is functional enough to open a home business in the country.

5. Modern Shop House

Minimalist design of a tropical house and shop

(Source: Instagram / @rafapahing)

The design of the modern house and the single-story shop is beautiful with the application of natural stone motif ceramics on the walls.

In addition, the appearance is even more beautiful thanks to the decorative wall lamps.

When you see it, the design of the small shop in front of the house looks so modern and luxurious.

6. Aesthetic Coffee Shop Inspiration

Minimalist 1 floor kiosk design

(Source: Instagram / @rumahminimalis)

This minimalist small shop aesthetic design is suitable for a home coffee business.

Despite its small size, visitors are always comfortable, because this shop has a fairly large terrace.

To attract visitors, use wall paint with natural tones, such as broken white.

7. Simple Shop Design

a simple shop house

(Source: Instagram / @rumahminimalis)

If renovation funds are limited, the model of a small shop in front of this simple house is the solution.

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The owners can use the advantages of the terrace to become a simple shop in the village.

To make it look more attractive and unique, use gold paint to be applied to the glasses.

Well, here are a number of single story house and shop designs that you can use as inspiration.

I hope this article can add information for you, yes!

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