7 Nako Window Patterns for Different Home Interior Designs

7 Nako Window Patterns for Different Home Interior Designs

Windows Nako may seem old school and gak a day, but actually not like that, here. Currently, there are many modern nako windows that are suitable for use in different home interior designs. Can’t believe it? Take a look at the models here!

Perhaps you are already familiar with this element of the house, namely the nako glass window.

This window is often used to complement the interior of houses in the past or ancient inhabitants.

In general, the nako window glass is made in a way that is classified in a certain amount.

The history of Nako windows is very long and an integral part of the interior design of the house.

Its existence has survived to this day because there have been many updates in terms of design or model.

Go ahead, check out the various inspirational picks from www.lacrymosemedia.com below!

7 modern Nako window models

1. Model Window in the Corner of the Room

nako window corner of the room

Source: breezeway.com.my

The window above is a multifunctional solution that is safe and suitable for placing in the corner of a room.

This large window model is able to make the air circulation of the environment flow smoothly.

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The model also beautifies the interior design of the room.

2. Minimalist Modern Nako Window

nako modern windows

Source: mitrakreasiutama.com

The window model above shows the impression of an interior design that is not rigid, flexible, and also aesthetic.

Supported by white walls and natural stone, making the appearance more harmonious.

This window model is suitable for you to apply in home, work space and other business places.

Interested in trying it out?

3. Nako Window Design for a Tropical Home

nako windows for tropical houses

Sum: Pinterest/space-made.com

Also, there are window designs that can be an option for tropical style homes.

This easy access to open and close the windows facilitates the entry of fresh air whenever it is needed.

Just choose the window size that fits each room.

4. Multifunctional Nako Glass

nako multifunctional window

Source: eliteartglass.co.id

Do not underestimate the presence of this window in areas of the house that are often dirty places, such as the kitchen or bathroom.

Windows installed can be a solution to make the room not stuffy and stuffy for the occupants of the house.

Stuffy room conditions have a negative impact on long-term health.

Therefore, the selection of this type of window is very suitable because it is multifunctional for different conditions.

5. Large Nako Window Inspiration for Exterior

Nako glass windows for the exterior of the house

Source: eliteartglass.co.id

The development of this window model from time to time continues to be in a positive direction.

This can be seen from the growing number of variations, not only for homes, but for offices, or public spaces.

The inspiration above could be an example, where this large window is suitable for the beauty of the external appearance.

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6. Wood Nako Design

nako passive window

Source: wakeupway.com

The next inspiration is a passive window, a combination of a full glass window with a wooden nako.

Passive nako design can be a beautiful decorative style.

Models like this are suitable for you to apply to Japanese and Scandinavian concept housing.

7. Unique and Attractive with Nako Window

unique nako window images

Source: eliteartglass.co.id

Do you want to find a unique and interesting interior design? Try to apply nako window around the house.

Variations of wood and iron panels can also be a way to present a beautiful design.

Do not forget, choose the frosted glass that can be the privacy of the owners.

The window model above can be a reference, here we go.


I hope it inspires, Property People.

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