7 Must Have Items for a New Home

7 Must Have Items for a New Home

Moving into a new home requires a lot of preparation. One of them is to think about what we should buy to fill the occupation. Of course, we can’t buy everything for the new house at once.

Therefore, we must be able to prioritize the important furniture that is needed to be more comfortable, especially to entertain visitors and relatives.

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So, what are the furniture that we should have when moving alone in a new house?

Therefore, in order not to be confused, consider some of the tips that we have prepared below.

1. Guest table and chair

Of course, you need a table as a place to put drinks or other dishes when entertaining guests.

To be more functional and save space, you can use a guest table with a set of chairs that you can store at the bottom of the table.

dining table
Malvin Guest Table Set – Chocolate

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2. Dining Table with Shelves

By area dining room or in the kitchen, you can use a table set that is equipped with chairs and storage shelves.

You can use this shelf as a place to store the table and kitchen utensils, perfect for minimalist homes

newlywed furniture
Pristine Table Set 4 Bench – Brown-white

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3. Kitchen utensil set

Still in the matter of cooking, of course, you need some kitchen utensils, such as pans and knives to help you serve the food dishes.

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To be more effective, you can buy a set of these kitchen utensils directly, as our recommendations below.

Kitchen utensil set tips
Lanford Cookware 9 Piece Kitchen Color Set

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kitchen knife set
Set of 5 pieces Helios Color kitchen Pisau Blok

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4. Simple decoration

So that the new residence does not look empty, you can add some simple decorations, such as display photos or paintings on the walls and place artificial ornamental plants.

stuff for the new house
Artificial Succulent Plants Set of 3 Y27

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5. Hygiene Equipment

Cleaning equipment like brooms, mops, and washing machines you also have to prepare after moving into a new house. The goal is that you can immediately clean the house so that it is comfortable for you and your family to live.

gifts to change the house
Proclean Wipes And Brushes – Cream

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winged by
Tatay Swivel Mop Tool Set with Bucket – Gray

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6. Humidifier For fresh air

Usually when you just moved into a new house, a room that is not completely full seems dusty, because your nose or body feel itchy.

You can use it humidifies agar The dust can be filtered well and the air becomes cooler.

humidifier for the home
Kels Humidifier 1 Ltr Sapphire Rechargeable – Putih

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7. Carpet

Using carpets can make your home feel warmer. In addition, you can also make the carpet as a comfortable seat as an alternative to a sofa.

new home decoration
Arthome 245x140x1.3 Cm Modern Carpet Pvc Karpet Kelly – Krem

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Well, these are some items for a new house that you must have so that the residence looks comfortable to live.

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