7 must-have electronic items for newlyweds

7 must-have electronic items for newlyweds

After marriage, many couples decide to move new house. Therefore, filling the house with different furniture is something that every couple should do.

Of course, not only furniture that we need to choose. Electronic devices such as refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves, and so on also play an important role in home life.

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Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy everything at once. We can have these electronic elements one by one. In any case, it is better to make a list of electronic goods first so that we can pay more easily.

List of Electronic Devices Required in the First Home

Well, here we have prepared a list of the main electronic items that you must have.

1. A.C

Hot weather likes to interfere with activities. Therefore, we need to immediately install air conditioning at home. In addition, the use of air conditioning can also reduce the risk of dehydration, difficulty sleeping, and help improve blood pressure. mood. The following are tips for AC that you can use.

air conditioner for electronic devices
Sharp 1/2pk Ah/au-a5vey air conditioner
Cool the room more optimally without destroying the ozone layer with the following air conditioners.

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AC electronic device
Samsung Air Conditioner 1/2 Pk Ar05tghqasinse
Overcome hot, dirty air by using the following air conditioners.

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2. Stove

Cooking with a partner will certainly be fun. Therefore, the stove becomes the main appliance that must be owned by the newlyweds. To be safer and more practical, you can choose an induction stove with advanced technology, such as the following.

electric induction cooker
Kels Terron Double Induction Cooker – Black
Induction hob with LED screen and child protection function.

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electronic induction cooker
Induction cooker Kels Terra – Black
Induction hob with special air circulation to prevent overheating.

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3. Rice Cooker Multifunctional and low sugar

Rice cooker Multifunction offers the convenience of cooking with just one tool. Through this tool, you can cook rice, porridge, cakes, and other steamed dishes for your beloved couple.

If you want to be healthier, there is that too rice cooker low sugar that you can use, like our recommendations below.

multifunctional electronic rice cooker
Kels 600 Ml Havana Rice Cooker Multifunction – Black
Multifunctional rice cooker with non-stick pan and easy to clean.

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low sugar electronic rice cooker
Kels 1.8 Ltr Rice Cooker Low Sugar – Silver
This rice cooker can reduce sugar and carbohydrates by 35%.

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4. Refrigerator

With a refrigerator, you can store food ingredients to keep them fresh. When the weather is hot, you can enjoy a cold drink with your partner. However, first buy a refrigeratorconsider the capacity and energy released by the refrigerator.

1 door electronic refrigerator
Class Fridge and Freezer 2 In 1 1 Door 380 Ltr
A 2 in 1 refrigerator that can function as a freezer.

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the electronics of the refrigerator
Kels Refrigerator 2 Doors Inverter 348 Ltr M365w Sdg
This refrigerator is energy efficient and ecological.

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5. Electronic air purifier

Air purifier o air purifier serves to purify the air in the room. If you live in an area with a lot of pollution, you should definitely have this electronic device.

However, make sure you know the size of the room before you buy air purifier. You can also hear how to choose air purifier correctly here.

electronic air cleaner
Kels 2 in 1 Air Purifier – White
A minimalist air purifier capable of filtering the smallest dust particles.

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miro electronic air purifier
Kels Miro Uv Air Purifier – White
The air purifier is equipped with an air quality sensor with 3 light indicators.

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6. Vacuum cleaner

Maybe we don’t have time to clean the house. Well, you can benefit robot vacuum cleaner to keep the house clean and tidy. Just set the time and the tool will operate automatically.

Here are the tips robot vacuum cleaner better you can use it.

vacuum robot
Robotic floor cleaner Class 3 1n 1 J058 – White
This robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a remote control and can clean the house automatically.

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vacuum cleaner robot
J300 Laser Robotic Floor Cleaning Class – Black
Robotic vacuum cleaner with strong suction for optimal cleaning.

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7. Washing machine

Wash clothes the hand is certainly tiring. Therefore, for you newlyweds, of course, you must have a washing machine at home.

In addition, the washing machine is also equipped with a dryer. Thus, you can save time and energy. Well, here’s a recommendation single tub and two tub washers which you can choose.

front loading washing machine
Sharp Front Load Washing Machine 8 Kg Es-fl1082b
Washing machine with washing technology that is faster and more practical.

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electronic washing machine
Sharp Washing Machine 2 Tubes 8 Kg Es-t77da-rk – Red
Washing machine with 2 tubs for easy washing and saving time.

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Well, this is a number of electronic items that must be owned by newlyweds. To not get confused looking, you can visit www.lacrymosemedia.com to get all the above electronic equipment.

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In addition to electronic equipment, you can also find quality home furniture from famous brands of Kawan Lama Group, such as ACE, Informa, Selma, and many others.

Go, fill your occupation well because everything #Starts from a comfortable Home.