7 Most aesthetic 2×2 laundry room designs 2022

7 Most aesthetic 2×2 laundry room designs 2022

Laundry room 2x2

Check out tips for the cleanest and most aesthetically pleasing 2×2 laundry room for your dream home below.

In the layout of the house, a part that should not be missed is the presence of a drying room.

This drying room aims to separate the clean and dirty clothes so that they are not mixed and kept clean.

This washing and drying place is widely used in a house, especially in the back so that the wet area is only concentrated in one place.

In general, the washing and drying room is also often applied to other places, both the kitchen and the garden.

It does not need to be designed in a large size, you can only apply a 2 × 2 drying room, which is very appropriate.

What was the inspiration? Check out the discussion together!

The cleanest and most aesthetic 2×2 laundry room design inspiration

1. Colorful combinations

The best industrial laundry

Source: Instagram/@rumah.riqata

To make it look more aesthetic, you can apply a clean drying room with a unique color combination.

This unique touch of color seems to give a refreshing and comfortable impression to the back of the house.

There is a panther, a basket of dirty clothes and a plant so it gives a very functional effect.

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2. Comfort 2 × 2 Industrial Laundry

The best industrial laundry

Source: Instagram/@rumah.riqata

Recommendations for an industrial laundry full of comfort can be an attractive alternative for your dream home.

The white industrial concept combined with a touch of wood gives an attractive impression, with complete facilities.

You can wash and dry the clothes in a place with a very good shelf composition, so the process becomes easier and more practical.

3. Laundry 2 × 2 with the concept of wood

Washing Drying 2x2 combination of wood

Source: Instagram/@kikydian_ang

If you have limited space, then the choice of this wooden concept laundry can be the right reference.

Choosing a wooden floor will make it very easy when you want to clean the clothes with a touch of wood accents.

To make cleaning and drying clothes easier, you can combine it with an open space to get the sun.

4. Simply in the Open

Laundry room with unique wooden elements

Source: Instagram/@evieninon

It doesn’t have to be luxurious, you can create a clean and aesthetic laundry room in an open space like this picture.

The simple concept in the open space consists of a washing machine, green plants and a minimalist folding drying room.

For floor and wall use, there is an interesting combination of exposed brick and wood that creates a unified effect.

5. White dominance in narrow ground

White minimalist 2x2 washing drying

Source: Instagram/@nk_haus

To make it look more spacious and comfortable, there is nothing wrong with combining the dominance of white in a narrow space in a drying room.

The concept at the bottom is functional and looks practical for washing and drying clothes from the top.

The selection of this drying room is very suitable to be placed behind the house, or near the kitchen.

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6. Laundry 2 × 2 Under the Stairs

Minimalist drying under the stairs

Source: Instagram/@ghani.house

To meet the needs of a laundry room in a narrow space, you can apply the next option under the stairs in an interesting way.

The concept of this drying room seems to give a functional and warm impression in the house.

You can divide the type of clothes, detergent needs washing machines with a balanced order.

7. Laundry 2 × 2 with Blue Green combination

Wipe with green motifs

Source: Instagram/@fitiaevi

You can present the choice of the next laundry room with an attractive combination of green and blue, and it is spacious.

This room is not only equipped with a washing machine, but also a spacious clothes drying area with direct sunlight.

The combination of the two can be combined with minimalist green plants, thus giving a refreshing atmosphere.

Here are some tips for the neatest and most aesthetically pleasing 2×2 laundry room design for your dream home.

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