7 more effective ways of flood management, must read!

7 more effective ways of flood management, must read!

how to deal with floods

How to deal with floods and how to prevent them?

Floods are one of the problems that often occur in Indonesia. Not trivial, floods can cause a lot of losses such as damage to household furniture to also cause victims.

Floods usually attack areas that are in the plains. When it rains a lot, the water from the heights will fall and start to flood the area. Also, areas adjacent to rivers/dams are also prone to flooding.

Floods can be prevented, but if they happen, you still have to be prepared. What do you think should be done? The following is an explanation of the most effective flood prevention methods.

How to overcome the flood

Secure important documents

When a flood occurs, immediately secure important documents such as birth certificates, home certificates, diplomas and others. If these documents are immersed in water, taking care of them again will take time and money.

As a suggestion, you should put important documents in a waterproof bag. So when a flood occurs, you just need to find the bag and take it immediately to a safe place.

Prepare flood emergency equipment

Preparing a bag containing survival equipment is very important for emergencies. When it happens, you just need to take it with its complete content without having to search again one by one.

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Usually, this bag contains a life vest, clothes, power banks, lighters, torches, water bottles, sleeping bag, cash, pens and small knives.

Move Electronics to High Places

The third flood prevention method is to immediately move electronic goods to a higher location. Yes, this is done to prevent damage or short circuit. You can put it on the second floor or on a table until the flood clears.

Move the vehicle to a safe place

If water appears to be flooding your area, do not leave the vehicle alone. If immersed in water, the repair costs are not small. Immediately move the vehicle to an area with higher ground.

Knowing the number of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB)

Not only floods, the BNPB number is important for you to remember if you have difficulties. Here are the contacts:

Evacuation of self and family

After the vehicle, important documents and electronic items are safe, make sure you know the location of the nearest flood point from the house. Usually, rescue teams with rubber boats surround the area of ​​the house, making sure that you are ready to evacuate. But if not, pay attention to the evacuation route so as not to be hit by the cable from the power pole.

Monitor information from Trusted Sources

The last way to deal with flooding is to continue to monitor reliable sources. If you are in a safe place, continue to follow sites like the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG). See the forecast for when the rain stops.

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How to prevent flooding

Prevention is better than cure, right? If you do the following things, when it rains a lot, your house will stay safe. Even if the water comes in, it won’t be too high.

  • Clean the gutter diligently
  • Dispose of the trash in its place, and not in the basement
  • Make a garden
  • Use it paving block
  • Use sandbags near drains

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