7 Modern Minimalist Desk Designs For WFH

7 Modern Minimalist Desk Designs For WFH

minimalist modern work desk
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Modern minimalist work desk design

Currently, I work from home (WFH) is increasingly widespread. Even temporarily, some companies announce that they are doing WFH forever. It is not as easy as it seems, many people complain about WFH for many reasons.

First is the distraction from many things that then makes it difficult for them to focus. They both complained too space to work A house that is not too big makes the workplace cramped and uncomfortable.

To maximize the workplace at home, here are some design references minimalist modern work desk. You can turn the place into a comfortable place to sit all day.

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Modern Minimalist Desk Design In The Corner Of The Room

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For those of you who have a small house, and do not have their own space to work, the trick is to maximize the corner of the room. For example, as above, the work desk is made in the living room, right next to the television.

Comfort? Of course! In fact, just find a suitable table. In this case, you can buy a table online customs which is the same size as the corner of the room. Drawers can be placed under the right side of the table. Do not put it on the table because your hand movement will be disturbed. Make sure the color of the table match with your home theme.

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Make it more colorful with pastel colors

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This work desk looks simple, the drawers are placed separately so that your feet are free to move in different directions. But with a touch of pastel colors from the surrounding decor, your workspace looks minimalistic, elegant and not boring. Usually, this type of design is used by graphic designer o illustrator

Black and brown to create a modern minimalist impression

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The next workbench design is for those of you who like brown, black, white and gray colors. Yes, these colors will give the impression of being simple, modern and elegant.

The placement of this work desk should be in a separate room away from distractions. Put other work equipment as printer in this room also so as not to go back and forth from one room to another. In addition to work, you can also use it to read books.

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Gaya Japandi

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The Japanese style was used in many projects house for sale. And, of course, it can also be applied to your workspace.

One of the ways to create a Japanese style in your work space is to buy tables and benches with wooden elements. It doesn’t have to be big, the important thing is to put a laptop, mouse, keyboard, and work lights.

Make sure the desk has drawers so you can put some important items at work. Hang the guitar right in front of your desk to relieve stress.

Modern and multifunctional minimalist work desk

Source: pinterest

Next is a multifunctional workbench. This table is designed for those of you who not only want to use it as a workplace, but also to put other items in one place.

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This board is connected from bottom to top. A wide table base does not interfere with the comfort of work even if there is work equipment.

Maybe you are worried that the table might fall because it holds quite a heavy weight from the things on it. In fact, it is not necessary because on the right side it is firmly attached to the wall.

White dominant minimalist work desk design

Source: pinterest

The minimalist room is really based on the color white. Those of you who are captivated by this style should design a workspace with a dominant white.

Make sure your work desks, chairs, lamps and wall shelves use these colors. After that, you can add decorations with colors that match the white, such as black, gray, brown and turquoise.

Relieve your Stress with plants around your desk

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Spending too long in front of a computer or laptop will make you bored and stressed. Especially if the context is WFH, so you can’t chat with colleagues.

If this is the case, you should do your own stress reliever, such as multiplying plants in the work space. If your desk is as wide as the picture above, you can place plants on your desk or as decorations in a file cabinet.

But if your desk is small, you can install a wall shelf on the desk, then put the plants there.