7 models of partition cabinets for minimalist homes

7 models of partition cabinets for minimalist homes

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Dividing space with partition wardrobes is a smart way to separate space in a minimalist home. Creating solid walls or walls to separate each room in the house will make the space to move more narrow and the appearance of the room less attractive. On the other hand, room divider cabinets will provide many functions in your minimalist home.

Partition cabinets will divide the room and provide additional storage space. You can also display room decorations in a partition cabinet to make the room look more attractive. And not only that, it can be said that the price of dividing the space with partition cabinets is relatively more affordable than building massive walls.

If you are planning to install a partition wardrobe for the living room, here we present 7 models for you to choose from.

A bookshelf as well as a partition

7 models of partition cabinets for minimalist homes

©Artha architect

The inspiration for the first model of a wardrobe with a room divider is a bookshelf that also serves as a partition. You can place this minimalist model of the partition wardrobe in various areas of the house, it can be used as a partition cabinet for the living room, it can also be used as a minimalist partition cabinet between the bedroom and the work area.

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Minimalist partition wardrobe made of wood

7 models of partition cabinets for minimalist homes

©Phidias Indonesia

For those of you who like a natural look, this minimalist wardrobe model with a wooden partition can be an option. The partition cabinets are made in the design of open shelves so that you can place various exhibits or other decorations to beautify the room.

The appearance of showcases and minimalist wardrobes will be even more beautiful with the presence of light in the wardrobe. The presence of light also makes the beautiful look of the wood grain partition cabinet more visible, so the room looks more charming.

Multifunctional TV cabinet

7 models of partition cabinets for minimalist homes

© Nomad Studio

You can also use a TV cabinet or a shelf as a room divider. For example, a TV cabinet can serve as a divider between the living room and the staircase.

The minimalist design of the partition wardrobe is left open in one part so that the staircase space does not seem cramped despite its limited size. In addition, this open space also adds to the beauty of the TV cabinet as you can place decorative elements here to decorate the living room as well as the staircase area.

Display and store in the closet of the room

7 models of partition cabinets for minimalist homes

©Conarch Studio

It is possible to divide the living and working space using this model of partition wardrobe. It is interesting that this minimalist wardrobe blends in with the wall due to its similar appearance.

To get the look of a minimalist wardrobe without seamsharmonize the color and design of the appearance of the walls of the house with the built-in wardrobes. You can also order partition cabinets for free adjusted so that it looks in line with the interior concept of the room being remodeled.

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Enter the natural atmosphere through partition wardrobes

7 models of partition cabinets for minimalist homes

©VSD architect

Not only a practical room divider, introducing a minimalist partition wardrobe at home can also bring a natural look and element to the house. Minimalist wardrobes can be used as a place for plants.

For a plant type, this minimalist wardrobe design can be paired with live plants for a fresh, natural look. However, if you don’t want extra maintenance, artificial plants are the best choice.

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Modern minimalist wardrobe

7 models of partition cabinets for minimalist homes

©Anantha Studio

The modern minimalist design of the partition wardrobe is the easiest to harmonize with today’s home concepts. This model of partition cabinet usually comes in neutral colors that are suitable for contemporary minimalist homes.

Even though the color seems uniform, a minimalist wardrobe can still look attractive with decorative details. A list or silver decorative stripes on certain parts of the wardrobe will make the partition cabinet more dynamic and modern.

Minimalist wardrobe with 2 sides

7 models of partition cabinets for minimalist homes

©Sarah Interior Design

This model of partition wardrobe is very flexible because it has 2 faces. On the TV shelf, this minimalist partition cabinet can be rotated up to 360 degrees so that the TV can be seen from both rooms. In addition to the TV, you can also use this minimalist double-sided partition cabinet for a make-up mirror. In this way, the mirror can be used both in the dressing room and in the bedroom.

That’s 7 models partition cabinet which you can choose to divide the space in your minimalist home. To visit Archives and find various articles until today about material design too design tips and inspiration second residence!

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