7 Mistakes that store food in the refrigerator. It can disturb the health!

7 Mistakes that store food in the refrigerator. It can disturb the health!

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Don’t want the food that will be stored in the refrigerator to lose its good nutrition? Take a look at the reviews about the mistakes in the storage of food in the refrigerator below!

Most people usually store food in the refrigerator so that it lasts longer.

Unfortunately, there are many mistakes when storing food in the refrigerator that you often don’t realize.

When it is done once or twice, the impact is not too great.

However, if it happens continuously, these errors can indirectly interfere with health. that’s it!

This is because the stored food is degraded in nutrition to the point that it contains bacteria that have the potential to increase food poisoning.

To make sure you don’t miss it, check out the full review below!

7 Mistakes that store food in the refrigerator

1. Not Grouping Foods

Food storage errors in the refrigerator are not grouped together

Putting all the food you buy in the fridge is quite practical.

Even so, this will only annoy you later.

To avoid this, try to group foods by category.

For example, all dairy products are placed on the same shelf.

You can do this with other foods, such as meat and vegetables.

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That way, you know exactly where to look when needed.

2. Putting New Foods to the Front

After returning home from shopping, it is better not to immediately put a new food in the front of the refrigerator.

The mistake of storing food in the refrigerator should be avoided, especially if you have old food ingredients that need to be consumed.

What they do is put the food with the first expiration date in the front of the refrigerator.

This step will help reduce waste and make sure to prioritize food with the closest expiration date.

3. Amplify the food

the mistake of storing food in the refrigerator is too much

The mistake of storing food in the refrigerator that is rarely made is to accumulate it in an irregular way.

This is usually done when there is no more space in the refrigerator, but there are too many food stores.

Apparently, piling foods like meat on the pots can be problematic.

If you are really short on space, try using wire racks in the refrigerator cabinets to optimize all the space without having to hide a lot of food.

4. Wrong Storage Leftovers

When you leave, you often look at random in the refrigerator.

This step is actually not wrong, as long as you transfer the leftovers into a reusable plastic container.

This is done to avoid odors that could arise from the food.

Do not forget, keep this place of food on the top shelf that is easy to see and take.

5. Setting the Wrong Temperature

someone sets the temperature

The common habit of storing food in the refrigerator is not paying attention to the temperature.

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As long as the temperature of the refrigerator is cold, the storage of food in this electronic kitchen device feels safe.

In fact, inadequate refrigerator temperatures can cause food to spoil quickly and allow bacteria to grow more easily.

The normal temperature of the cold itself is between 3-5 degrees Celsius.

6. Keeping food too long

Freeze food in freezer The refrigerator is the easiest way to preserve food.

In general, you can store food at about -17 degrees Celsius to make it last longer.

However, the taste of the food that has been stored at that temperature will not be the same.

So that the food has a taste that has not changed too much, do not let the food be stored in the refrigerator for more than three months.

7. Storing Milk on the Refrigerator Door Shelf

error of storing food in the milk refrigerator on the front shelf

The refrigerator door shelf area is often used to store milk.

The reason is that this section includes areas that are easy to reach.

However, the refrigerator door is actually the hottest part of the refrigerator.

Placing milk on the shelf area of ​​the refrigerator door can spoil the drink and can also cause food poisoning.


I hope that the discussion of errors that store food in the refrigerator can be useful for Owners, yes!

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