7 Minimalist Sofa Recommendations Under 2 Million

7 Minimalist Sofa Recommendations Under 2 Million

Minimalist sofa recommended under 2 million

The couch is one furniture house more important that it can support the comfort. Unfortunately, finding a sofa at an affordable price is not easy, especially if you have the budget to buy a sofa under 2 million.

However, there is no need to be confused because we have prepared several minimalist sofa recommendations and they will certainly fit your budget.

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Recommended Sofa Models Under 2 Million

Go ahead, just take a look at some of the sofa tips under the following 2 million.

1. Sofa Sleeper Fabric Minimalist gray

You can extend the back of this sofa to become a bed. It is not surprising that the sofa bed is suitable for a narrow room. You can choose a sofa grayas our recommendations below that you can buy at a price of Rp 999 thousand.

minimalist sofa under 2 million
Oakland Fabric Sofa Sleeper – Gray

Check it out here

2. Minimalist Brown Leather Sleeping Sofa

Sofa bed from the skin has an affordable price. With a budget under IDR 2 million, you can get it leather sofa made of solid leather and equipped with the following wooden frame.

sofa under 2 million
Soleil Ramadante Leather Sleeper Sofa – Dark Brown

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recommendation of minimalist sofas under millions
Selma Leticia Leather Sleeping Sofa – Chocolate

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3. Neutral Color One Seat Sofa

In addition to being an additional chair in the living room, this chair can beautify the room. Use chairs with classic motifs to make the room look more cheerful, such as the following recommendation of a one-seat sofa.

Sofa tips below
Ashley Triptis Chair Fabric

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minimalist sofa
Ashley Honnally 1-seater fabric chair – blue

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4. Sofa with Small Bench in Dark Gray

In addition to saving space, this type of sofa is suitable for you to put in the corner of the room. In addition, there is a small chair that can be used as an additional seat or footrest to relax.

With elegant designs and colors, you can easily match it with different furniture at home.

a unique sofa under the price
Snowden Chair – Chocolate

Check it out here

sofa for a minimalist room
Sun Deluxe Fabric Chairs

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5. Sleeping Sofa Green Color Motif

It is not very different from sofa bed Previously, this sofa was furnished with upholstery pillow top which can make the sitting experience feel more comfortable and sweet.

If you have a home with a contemporary design, then this monstera plant-patterned green sofa can be the right choice. KYou can buy this sleeper sofa at a price of Rp 1.6 million.

sofa under millions for a small room
Monstera Fabric Sofa Sleeper – Green

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6. Pastel Purple Modern Folding Chair

Folding chairs can be a substitute for a sofa for limited space. You can place this chair as a seat in the lesehan family room. Choose the pastel violet for add a soft and fresh effect in the room.

Here are recommendations for folding chairs that you can buy at a price of Rp 1.5 million.

sofa under millions
Informa Haven Folding Chair Fabric – Lilac Purple Cord

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7. Bean Bag Unique brown color

In addition to folding chairs, you can also use them bag of beans as an extra seat. In order not to get dirty quickly, you can choose bag of beans dark brown or dark, like the following tips that you can buy for Rp 950 thousand.

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an affordable minimalist sofa
Bean Bag Ain-p 90x105cm – Chocolate

Check it out here

Well, here are some tips for minimalist sofas that you can get for under Rp 2 million.

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Congratulations on creating a comfortable family room at home.