7 Minimalist, Simple and Neat Closet Bedroom Designs

7 Minimalist, Simple and Neat Closet Bedroom Designs

minimalist closet space
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Minimalist wardrobe to luxury.

It’s nice when your home has walk into a closet (closet space) only. This is because you can store clothes and accessories neatly. Besides, you can do it suitable comfortable clothes.

Various design examples walk into a closet you can see Starting from a minimalist wardrobe to luxury. Even if your house is not too big, this room can still be done. So don’t worry!

Here is an example of the design:

Simple Closet Room for the Small House

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As mentioned above, if your home is small and you still want to have a wardrobe space, you don’t have to worry because you can make your dream come true. The room can be made in the corner of the house by ordering a wardrobe according to the size of the corner. Install some LED lights not only to help when looking for clothes, but also to give a warm impression. Don’t forget to match the theme of the house, okay?

Minimalist wardrobe room with room divider

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Still with a wardrobe space for those of you who have a small house. In addition to being built in the corners of the house, you can also just do it with a room divider. You can limit the bed with this wardrobe room. Use a minimalist room divider, such as glass with black edges. The color of the cabinets should also match the minimalist style.

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All white aesthetic wardrobe

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If you visit coffee, especially Jakarta, many people who apply this style. And you can also use it in the dressing room. Usually, the main material used is wood. So you use white on the walls, brown and beige on the decor to keep it minimalist. The decoration should also be aesthetic, for example glass that is not too big and placed arbitrarily. Wake up in a room that gets a lot of sunlight.

The wardrobe room integrates with the bed

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If you are reluctant to separate the closet space from the bed, you can combine it in one room. Usually this style is built for the type of person who is simple, that is, when you wake up from sleep, you can already determine what clothes to wear. With clean clothes and accessories, you will feel content and happy every time you wake up.

Elegant Black Luxury Wardrobe Room

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Those of you who want to create a luxurious dressing room, can see this design. The elegant black is really one of the elements of a room that looks luxurious. Apply to your wardrobe. Combine the black color with the golden color in several points. Finally, install the best chandelier to make it even more charming.

Minimalist Japanese style wardrobe room

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Japanese style is a trend these days. This is why Japandi looks modern, but still minimalist.

The material used in the Japandi Style is wood with a combination of colors. While in color, this style puts more emphasis on brown and white. The floor is also given a carpet with colors that match the theme. Don’t forget to add a yellow LED light to increase the heat.

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Industrial luxury wardrobe room

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In addition to Japan, industrial concepts are also widely applied in various rooms. In the wardrobe, this concept puts forward dark colors like black and brown. The wall material is brown wood with an unfinished pattern. While in the dressing room, the industrialist uses an open wardrobe with iron material. More dazzling, cover the floor with a carpet of abstract patterns.

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