7 Minimalist Koi Fish Pond Aesthetic Inspiration

7 Minimalist Koi Fish Pond Aesthetic Inspiration

minimalist narrow earth koi fish pond

You do not need a large area, it turns out that you can keep a fish pond in a narrow area, here we go! Check out the inspiration for a minimalist koi fish pond with a narrow plot here!

Many people are interested in having a fish pond at home because it can make the atmosphere of the house feel fresh and comfortable.

However, often, this dream is not realized because the residential area is too narrow.

If you feel this way, do not be discouraged, because it turns out that the koi pond can be located in a small area. here we go!

Can’t believe it?

Just take a look at the various inspirations for a beautiful minimalist koi fish pond below!

Inspiration for a beautiful minimalist Koi fish pond

1. Koi Fish Pond Next to the House

minimalist koi fish pond narrow area near house

source: pinimg.com

The first minimalist koi pond inspiration for narrow land maximizes the side area of ​​the house.

Turn the garden next to the house into a large pool with stones to make it easier for people to pass.

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Also save the plants near the fort so that the area can look more natural.

Finally, save the sliding doors so you can enjoy the atmosphere of the pool more comfortably.

2. Tiny Koi Pond with Natural Stone

minimalist koi fish pond natural stone narrow ground

source: homeshabby.com

The next design is a small koi pond surrounded by natural stones.

Natural stones and decorative plants manage to make the pond look very natural and not artificial.

In addition, natural stone can also help make the pool water clearer.

3. Inspiration for a pond full of plants in a narrow house

minimalist koi fish pond beautiful narrow land

source: kaskus.id

You can emulate the next minimalist koi pond inspiration for narrow land if you have a small backyard.

Take an area in the yard and turn it into a fish pond that also serves as a place to store plants.

Cover the pool area with bright colored natural stone to give a spacious and beautiful effect to the room.

You can also add an artificial waterfall so that the house is filled with the soothing sound of gurgling water.

4. Beautiful Koi Fish Pond in Front of the House

koi fish pond modern minimalist narrow land

source: alamasrisurabaya.com

If the area in the house is too full, you can install a fish pond in front of the house.

Use some spaces carport to be used as a pond so that the atmosphere of the front garden of the residence looks more charming.

Pair this fish pond with a natural vine canopy so the area doesn’t get too hot.

They are not just creating spaces carport It looks more attractive, the fish pond can also be used as a partition to separate the garage and the front garden.

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5. A beautiful pool that fills the empty area of ​​the house

minimalist koi fish pond natural narrow land

source: pinimg.com

The next minimalist in-ground koi fish pond occupies an empty space in the house.

Transform the empty area into a large pond, complete with natural stone borders and decorative plants to make the pond more natural.

Due to its large size, you can store a lot of fish at once in this place.

6. Inspiration of a cool pool that is comfortable to look at

minimalist koi fish pond, narrow area, cool

source: helloshabby.com

Unlike the previous pool that had a natural stone edge, this one is equipped with a rim wood plastic component or WPC.

Although it is made of plastic, WPC has the structure and appearance of wood that gives a unique impression to the house.

Not only that, WPC is also much more resistant to water and much easier to maintain than wood.

This makes this material suitable for use as a swimming pool at home.

7. Tiny Pool with Old House Special Bricks

minimalist koi fish pond narrow brick floor

source: ikikoiku.com

Finally, there is a koi fish pond that has an old impression.

The old impression appears because the pool uses red brick edges that make it unique.

There is also a waterfall made of pots at the side of this pool which adds an old school feel to the backyard.


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