7 Minimalist 2 Story Wooden House Designs

7 Minimalist 2 Story Wooden House Designs

minimalist wooden house design

Here are 7 fresh and attractive minimalist 2-story wooden house designs. Let’s see what the picture looks like in this article.

Wooden houses are one of the alternative residential designs that are unique and anti mainstream.

Its shape and special use natural furniture attract people’s eyes.

Although rarely found, wooden houses have their own place for fans.

Especially for those of you who like the shades of nature.

If you are one of those people who are thinking of building a minimalist wooden house with 2 floors, what a coincidence, no!

Because, www.lacrymosemedia.com has collected references that you can consider.

Curious about what?

Let’s go, let’s just look at the pictures of 7 eye-catching minimalist 2-story wooden house designs below, launching different sources.

7 Minimalist 2 Story Wooden House Designs

1. Triangular wooden house

2-storey triangular wooden house

Source: Instagram.com/gazebo_boyolali

First, there is a wooden house design that has a triangular facade.

This house looks very unique and attracts the eye because of its shape.

The glass is used very optimally to be used as access for air circulation and a place for light to enter the day so that it is more energy efficient.

Suitable for those of you who want to spend the weekend alone or with loved ones.

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2. Classic Minimalist Wooden House

Classic 2-storey wooden house

Source: Instagram.com/gazebo_boyolali

Second, there is a house design that is quite classic.

In shape it is more conventional and similar to the design home in Indonesia.

The most distinctive thing, of course, is the part of the wall material that uses dark brown wood.

For self-lighting, it uses multiple windows so it is more ecological.

3. Minimalist Wooden House on the Edge of Rice Fields

2-storey wooden house on the side of the rice field (1)

Source: Instagram.com/gazebo_boyolali

Have you ever thought of having a house on the edge of a rice field with a natural feel?

Maybe you can take a look at this third residence.

There is a small terrace that you can use to sit and relax in the morning or in the evening while drinking coffee.

The shape of the house itself is similar to design number one which looks like a triangle.

4. Elegant Minimalist Wooden House

Elegant minimalist 2-story wooden house

Source: Instagram.com/bumi_cileunca

The next minimalist 2-level wooden house design is an elegant concept.

The size of this house is actually not too big, but still comfortable to live.

Because, the wood material used makes the internal temperature of the house feel cooler and colder during the day.

5. Tiny Minimalist Wooden House

Small minimalist wooden house with 2 floors

Source: Instagram.com/gazebo

Fifth, there is a small wooden house design.

This design can be a reference for those of you who want to build a house for a small family that does not have a large number of children.

6. Glass Combined Wooden House

Minimalist 2-story wooden house with a combination of glass

Source: Designboom.com

The combination of glass and wood creates a perfect living space.

Just look at this sixth design that looks harmonious from many sides.

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The facade and interior of the house look very beautiful and attractive when seen directly.

7. Traditional wooden house

Traditional minimalist 2-story wooden house

Source: Casa.abril.com.br

Finally, there is the traditional wooden house design.

You can apply this occupation if you want to continue presenting the impression of a certain culture.

Examples like Java or traditional house other

Well, this is a picture of 7 eye-catching minimalist 2-story wooden house designs.

Of the seven designs above, which one do you like the most?

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