7 Mandatory provision of fasting for office workers

7 Mandatory provision of fasting for office workers

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During the month of fasting, of course, there are many preparations that you need to make. In addition to thinking breakfast menu and iftar meal, There are many household items that you must have, especially for office workers.

Don’t just maximize worship of fasting, but you also need to fulfill your obligations as a worker and keep the house clean. Of course, if you don’t manage your time well, a lot of work can be neglected.

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What fasting equipment should I have?

Therefore, during the month of fasting, there are many household appliances that must be owned by office workers. This equipment will make it easier for us to keep the house clean and also in the preparation of iftar and sahur menus.

So, what are these household items? Check the following.

1. Electronic Cleaning Tools

After taking the time to prepare breakfast menu, Of course, we have to prepare immediately to go to work. This is what often makes us not have time to clean the house.

You also should not force a tired body after work to do the work immediately. This can be dangerous for the health of our bodies. Also, we lose a lot of body fluids during fasting from morning to noon.

Therefore, you need to have an alternative cleaning tools practical electronics, like robot vacuum cleaner. Therefore, you do not need to be more complicated to clean the floor because this robot will help you to make your tasks easier.

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So, here we have a recommendation robot vacuum cleaner that you can use at home.

robot vacuum cleaner
Robotic floor cleaner Class 3 1n 1 J058 – White

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mandatory tool when fasting
Kels J300 Robotic Floor Cleaner – Black

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2. Electronic Cookware

Kitchen utensils have different functions, as there are special ones that we use for frying, frying, boiling and steaming. However, conventional kitchen utensils cause a lot of time to be wasted, especially during the month of fasting.

So, to make it easier to prepare sahur and iftar menus, you can use practical electronic cooking tools that are not difficult to use, such as air fryer, streamer, microwaveand much more.

air fryer
Kels Belva Air Fryer 2.7 Ltr – White

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Microwave Kris 20 Ltr – white

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3. Bottled Drinks

Even if you are fasting, you still need to bring your own drink. This is useful so that you don’t forget to break your fast, even if you are working. So, you have to prepare your own bottle or Tumblr from home.

Don’t worry, we have many tips for drinking bottles of different sizes that you can bring to work, as follows.

drinking bottles
Ataru 1 Ltr Tritan Drink Bottle With Strap – Black

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mandatory tool when fasting
Ataru 450 ml foldable silicone cup – black

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4. Provision Box

During the month of fasting, there is a possibility that you will break your fast outside. Therefore, you can bring iftar food from home.

So, in order not to be stale, use a lunch box that can store food well, like the following. However, make sure you bring a durable iftar menu from home.

fasting lunch box
Systema 1.65 Ltr Place to eat

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5. Cutlery

To avoid wearing cutlery Also when you break your fast, you should bring your items from home, such as forks and spoons to make sure they stay hygienic.

You can find many products for spoons, forks, and even chopsticks, like the table recommendations from us below.

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food for fasting
Ataru Set of 3 stainless steel cutlery – silver

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6. Staples

Not only as a place to put Eid cakes, staples also useful for storing snacks to break the fast for employees, you know.

In addition, the limited time to buy and cook takjil forces us to keep takjil on our desks. Therefore, make sure to use the best quality pots, such as the following.

Krishome Set 3 pieces Stoples Pearl

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jar of ramadan
Coco 700 Ml Set 3 Pcs Jars with Tray

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7. Alarm

Even if you are tired from working all day, don’t use it as an excuse to wake up late, especially at dawn. You always have to get up on time to be able to prepare the sahur menu to be stronger in fasting all day.

To avoid forgetting to wake up at dawn, you can use an alarm clock, like the product recommended below. His loud voice will surely wake up the whole house for sahur.

fast wake-up equipment
Waker Clock 16×4.4×7.5 Cm Digital 643 – White

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These are some mandatory household items during fasting for office workers. Therefore, fasting while working is much easier.

For those of you who are looking for various other household products during this month of Ramadan, you can only find them in variety.

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Happy fasting! I hope it’s ok.

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