7 Low Maintenance Dry Natural Stone Garden Designs

7 Low Maintenance Dry Natural Stone Garden Designs

The design of a dry natural stone garden has an attractive and beautiful appearance. Get a variety of inspiration in this article!

Property People, are you planning to build an indoor or outdoor garden?

You can make a garden that is clean, beautiful, beautiful, and relieves you from your daily routine.

The trick is to change the vacant land in the residential area into a dry garden made of natural stone.

A dry natural stone garden is a garden whose main material is made of different types of natural stone.

This garden model is suitable for those of you who do not want to be complicated and worried about taking care of plants.

According to various sources, News www.lacrymosemedia.com Indonesia has prepared several natural dry rock garden designs.

Go ahead, check out the design inspiration here!

7 Natural Stone Dry Garden Designs

1. Batu Alam Dry Park in Narrow Land

dry garden ideas on narrow land

Source: houzz.com

Narrow land is not an obstacle to create a beautiful and aesthetic open garden.

You can apply a natural dry stone garden in your home.

How to organize natural stones based on their color. To make it more beautiful, make some patterns like the picture above.

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Interested in trying it out?

2. Batu Alam Dry Park with Koi Pond

Dry natural stone garden design with koi fish

Source: southwestboulder.com

Koi fish ponds are an additional element of the home that many people like.

The combination of a koi fish pond with a dry garden made of natural stone.

The natural stone used can be of different types, sizes and shapes.

An inspiration from a combination like the picture above.

3. Combination of Dry Garden of Natural Stone with Green Plants

Dry garden design in natural stone with green plants

Source: gardendesign.com

Next, there is an interesting garden design for you to apply.

A combination of natural dry stone garden with green plants.

The natural stones are arranged according to their respective paths.

For more details, see the picture above!

4. Dry Natural Stone Garden Design in the style of the American continent

Dry natural stone garden design in american continental style

Source: gardendesign.com

Bored of tropical garden designs? You can apply the concept of a dry natural stone garden in the style of the American continent.

The trick is to use large stones as the center of attention.

So, around the rock spread or arrange brown stones and the plants that grow in the savannah.

The picture above can be used as a reference!

5. Dry Garden with Unique Natural Stones

unique model of dry natural stone garden

Source: southwestboulder.com

Thanks to a touch of creativity, this garden model looks very unique and attractive.

What makes it unique is the unusual combination of natural stones.

The natural stones are assembled in a single slab as a whole square ceramic shape.

This creation instead becomes interesting and looks very unique.

Interested in trying it at home?

6. Combination of River Stone and Coral

dry coral garden

Source: thecavalry.ca

Next, there is the inspiration for a garden made from a combination of river stone and coral.

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This combination is able to present an attractive appearance and minimal maintenance.

A stone slab is placed in the middle as a foot area. While in the surroundings they carry large coral stones.

7. Japanese Style Dry Garden Design

Japanese style natural stone dry garden

Source: southwestboulder.com

Finally, you can apply a Japanese-style dry garden design.

This design is commonly found in traditional Sakura Country houses.

One of its characteristics is the use of natural stone plants and bonsai.

For more details, you can see the garden model in the picture in this article.


Here are some natural dry stone garden designs that you can try at home.

I hope it can inspire, yes, Property People.

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