7 layout ideas for ornamental plants to beautify your home

7 layout ideas for ornamental plants to beautify your home

arrangement of ornamental plants

Many ornamental plants are chosen as home decorations. In addition to making the house beautiful and beautiful, ornamental plants also have a beautiful appearance, in terms of shape and color.

However, many people are probably just hanging out ornamental plants on the terrace of the house and a flower rack. In fact, there are many parts of the house that you can beautify with ornamental plants, in the living room and the bathroom.

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Recommended ornamental plant planting ideas

For those of you who want to decorate your home, consider the following ornamental plant ideas.

1. Ornamental plants on the Table

table plants
Put small house plants on the table as decoration.

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Ornamental plants can be a decoration for a table, be it a desk or a side table. Instead, choose small ornamental plants. So, use cute vases to make it even more beautiful.

2. Ornamental plants in the library

library plant
Beautify the bookcase by adding some ornamental plants.

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If you have bookstore at home, put houseplants. This will make the bookcase look nicer and more organized. Use several plants at once and place them in sequence in each compartment.

3. Ornamental plants in the Corner of the Living Room

ornamental living room plants
Decorate an empty corner in the family room with beautiful plants.

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You can also place ornamental plants to fill the empty corners in the room. To be harmonious, choose ornamental plants with large leaves and use pot holders to make the plants stand out more.

4. Middle of the Room

indoor plants
Place an aesthetic ornamental plant in the middle of the room as a focal point.

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Not only in the corner, ornamental plants can also be placed in the middle of the room. Usually, this plant will be the focal point of the room.

For small plants, you can put them on the coffee table. If it is large, place the plant near the bed.

5. Bedrooms

house plants
Make the room cooler and more natural with green leaves.

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Many people like to put ornamental plants in the room. However, if you are using real plants, make sure that the plants you choose are safe to keep in the room.

6. As a wall decoration

wall plants
Beautify the walls of the room with hanging ornamental plants.

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In addition to hanging plants, there are also ornamental plants that you can make as wall decorations. In addition, many ornamental plants are supplied with wall pots aesthetic.

7. Bathroom

Monstera ornamental plant
Create a beautiful and charming bathroom with monstera plant decorations.

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There are many ornamental plants that can live in humid conditions, such as monster and aloe vera. Well, this plant is suitable for you to put in the bathroom. You can put it on the window, on a shelf, and next to a bathroom shelf.

So, how do you plant and place ornamental plants?

It is an idea for the layout of ornamental plants that you can try. We also have some advice on the arrangement and placement of ornamental plants, as follows.

  1. Use different types of beautiful pots to make the plants look more alive.
  2. Choose plants of different sizes.
  3. Place the plant in a place that receives the sun.
  4. Match the type of plant with its location. If you want to put plants in the room, choose plants internal.
  5. for the plants internalchoose a pot with a good drainage system.
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