7 Latest Minimalist 2 Story House Designs for 2023

7 Latest Minimalist 2 Story House Designs for 2023

What is a minimalist home?

A minimalist home is a type of home design that prioritizes function and efficiency, as well as a simple and elegant aesthetic. This is achieved by reducing the number of non-essential elements and putting the focus on the essential elements. In a minimalist design, clear and firm lines, neutral colors and lots of light are usually used.

A minimalist house is also known as a modern house, because it uses a lot of modern designs and materials. Minimalist homes are suitable for those who like a simple and comfortable lifestyle, and do not like too much furniture in the house.

Some people think that a minimalist house is a house with a small size, but in reality a minimalist design can be used for many sizes of houses, small and large. Currently, for example, minimalist houses already have many variations ranging from one floor to two floors. And this Lamudi.co.id article will discuss the latest minimalist 2-story house design that is good for inspiration.

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The latest minimalist 2 story house design

This minimalist house design is very elegant and also uses very large glass on the facade, so that sunlight can enter freely from morning to noon. The use of glass that is so large also allows residents to save on the use of electricity in the morning until noon.

Then there is the latest minimalist 2 story house design which is very simple and contemporary. In front of the house there is a fence made of wood. Meanwhile, on the facade, there is also the use of wood on the roof. It can be seen from the outside that this residence is quite wide and spacious, so it is enough to be occupied by a family with more than three members.

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So, the latest minimalist 2 story house design is also very charming and pleasing to the eye. Although the size is smaller compared to the previous design examples, this residence is still sufficient if it is occupied by a small family.

Almost similar to the previous design, this 2-story house design also has a box-shaped facade, but is smaller compared to the previous residence. This minimalist house looks more elongated upwards. At the bottom there is a carport that is large enough to accommodate a car.

Coming with a unique and unusual shape of a minimalist house facade, this 2-story minimalist house has the illusion that the house is tilted. Although this can happen due to the front wall being tilted. How? Very unique isn’t it?

Here is the latest minimalist 2 story house design that can be your inspiration. With a unique shape of the facade wall at the top, it makes the two houses merge into one. It seems that designs like this have also been widely adopted by modern minimalist style housing.

If you look at it from afar, you won’t believe that this minimalist 2-story house design is different from each other. From a distance it looks like a large two-story house. However, if you look carefully, you will see that the design of the house between the right and left is different. For example, one house has a pitched roof style while the next house has a flat roof. very unique, of!

Image source: Pinterest

Tips for choosing Housing

Choosing a place to live that fits your needs and budget can be a complicated and time-consuming process. However, with some of the right tips, you can find a home for sale that fits your needs more easily.

  1. Set your goals: First, think about what you want from where you live. Looking for a bigger house for your family or an apartment for yourself? Do you want to be close to the city or do you prefer a quieter environment? This will help you filter your options and find a place that suits your needs.
  2. Set your budget: Buying or renting a house can be a big expense, so make sure you have a clear budget before you start looking. Do not forget to take into account costs such as advance payments, rent, taxes, maintenance fees and utility costs.
  3. Find the right place: choose the place that suits your needs. If you have children, find an area near a school. If you work in a city, find a home that is close to public transportation or a major road. If you like a quieter environment, find a home away from major highways or industrial areas.
  4. Consider the available facilities: Make sure that the residence you choose has the facilities you need such as Internet access, parking, etc. If you want a safe and comfortable environment, look for housing that is equipped with security facilities such as security cameras and 24-hour surveillance.