7 Latest Aluminum Door Handle Models for 2023 With Tips

7 Latest Aluminum Door Handle Models for 2023 With Tips

Tired of the same doorknobs? Maybe you need to try aluminum door handles to be applied at home. Here are some inspirations!

Property People, all types of door handles have the same function, ie opening and closing doors.

Even so, currently the selection of door handles is not only in terms of function, but priority in terms of design or model.

The model of the door handle can be a small piece that also influences the beauty of a house, here we go.

Therefore, manufacturers continue to compete to produce door handles of various designs that are suitable to blend with residential styles.

However, the number of these models sometimes also makes buyers confused to determine the most suitable door handle.

To help you, www.lacrymosemedia.com has compiled recommendations for aluminum door handle models that match different home concepts.

Here is a selection of door handle models for you to consider.

7 Latest Aluminum Door Handle Models for 2023

1. Minimalist aluminum door handle

simple aluminum door model

Source: idea.grid.id

This handle model is suitable for homes with minimalist home designs.

This aluminum door handle is a favorite because of its simple shape, without complicated curves.

2. Black door handle

black handle

Source: aliexpress.com

Next, there is a black door handle that matches the white door with a minimalist style.

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You can use this door handle for glass doors with black iron frames.

The black color also makes the door handle not look dirty easily.

3. Twisted Painted Handle

twisted painted handle

Source: Tokopedia.com

Do you like futuristic and anti-mainstream designs?

Twister door handles may be an option you should try. This handle can be used on all types of doors.

Interested in applying in your dream home?

4. Slim Doorknob

thin door handle

Source: Ceklist.id

If you don’t like the previous model, maybe you are interested in a slim door handle.

This model is suitable for home use with a modern minimalist style.

With this design, the door handle is more comfortable to hold because it fits the hand.

5. Simple Aluminum Door Handle Design

simple aluminum door handle

Source: vinindo.co.id

Before the function of the door knobs?

Therefore, this simple aluminum door handle design is an attractive choice.

This door handle model is suitable for all types of wooden and metal doors.

6. Handle without connection

door handle without extension

Source: Tokopedia

Next, there is a handle without extension.

Models like this give the impression of luxury and modernity.

Suitable for you to use on a standard size door.

Interested in installing it in your home as well?

7. Push Door Handle

push the door handle

Source: aliexpress.com

If the door of your house is big enough and the way to open and push, then this door handle is the right option.

Generally, this handle is used on wooden doors that do not require a key.

Color choices also vary, from silver to black.

Tips for choosing aluminum door handles

According to various sources, there are several things you should consider when choosing an aluminum door handle.

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Things to consider are the following:

  • Use the door handle for the main front door, bedroom door or patio door.
  • The type of door installed, whether it is a sliding door, a sliding door or a sliding door.
  • Door material. Don’t let the door handle you bought can’t be installed.
  • Avoid choosing door handles that are of mediocre quality, as they are prone to damage in a short time.
  • The adaptability of the residents of Handel with the color of the door and the frame.
  • Door handle size.


These are a number of choices of aluminum door handles for various types of home doors.

Hope useful, Property People.

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