7 Korean Style Room Paint Colors. The room could be more aesthetic!

7 Korean Style Room Paint Colors. The room could be more aesthetic!

Korean Style Room Paint Colors

Here are a number of Korean-style room paint color inspirations that can make a room more charming!

The bedroom is a place used to relax after a day of activity.

As a place that has an important role to refresh the mind and body, the room must be designed in such a way as to increase the comfort of its occupants.

Well, one of the bedroom designs that is currently popular is the Korean style bedroom design.

In fact, the design of the room in Korean style is the same as the design of the room in general. However, what makes the difference is the color selection.

So, for Homeowners who are interested in implementing a room like in Ginseng Country, check out the various inspirations of Korean-style room paint colors below, go ahead!

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In general, Korean bedrooms use colors that tend to be soft and neutral.

This is because of the color soft and neutral can give a distinct impression when applied to the room.

Not only that, different color choices can also make an impression aesthetic.

Reporting from various sources, here are various references to Korean style room paint colors that you can copy.

1. Green color

green room

Source: Housing.com

For property people who want to use relaxing room paint colors, green can be the right choice.

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Being a popular and multifunctional color, green is not only suitable to be applied in the bedroom, but also in other rooms such as the living room or the kitchen.

The color green itself has a calming effect, represents a young soul, and can give the impression of being close to nature.

2. Blue color

blue room paint color

Source: Home-designing.com

Blue is known as a mysterious color and can develop the imagination.

The blue color is closely associated with the sky and water and can evoke feelings of calm, so it is suitable for use in different rooms, including bedrooms.

3. Pastel colors

The most popular of the room of the heart of the color of pastel paint

Source: Home-designing.com

The most popular Korean-style room paint color is pastel.

Pastels are colors that have shades soft which is soothing.

Usually, pastels consist of bright and light colors.

The main advantage of applying this type of color is that the Property People can be more free to choose the color they want.

The reason is that the pastel color palette consists of green, pink, blue and yellow.

If you want to try anti-camera colors mainstreamyou can apply many colors in the room.

4. White color

warna cat kamar aesthetics ala korea

Source: Nextluxury.com

The color white is synonymous with serenity and peace.

This is one of the reasons why white is used in many rooms of the house.

Not only that, as a neutral color, white can be easily combined with other colors, including bright colors.

5. Gray color

as one thing

Source: Hearstapps.com

Gray is a combination of white and black.

According to the philosophy, applying this color to a room can make you feel calmer.

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Not only that, gray can make a room elegant.

If you want to use this color in a room, Property People can apply it to most of the walls or just use it as an accent.

6. Color Cream

The aesthetics of the room in the Korean style of cream color paint

Source: Home-designing.com

Speaking of the most popular colors of Korean-style room paint, beige is the answer.

Beige is a muted room paint color tone of the earth that can make an impression hot like the elegance in the room.

To make the room more perfect, this color can be combined with wooden furniture that can make an impression aesthetic.

7. Color Lilac

korean aesthetic room paint color lilac

Source: Qa-animals.info

Lately, lilac became a popular color in Korea after being widely used in industry fashion.

Not only limited to fashion Of course, this color is also widely used in interior design, even in the bedroom.

Lilac actually belongs to the purple color group, but this one is lighter and seems more silent.

Effect happy but calming can be felt immediately if you apply this color in the room.


Therefore, they are various inspirations of Korean style room paint color that can be applied to the rooms.

So, do you already know what color you want to use?

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