7 Korean Modern Luxury House Designs, All Beautiful!

7 Korean Modern Luxury House Designs, All Beautiful!

Korean modern luxury home

Korean modern luxury house dominated by white color, photo source Unsplash

Korean modern luxury houses are one of the building design references that are requested by many groups because of their simple and minimalist form. If you are a fan of Korean dramas or are familiarly called Drakor, you are certainly no stranger to the designs of luxury Korean houses that appear in almost every episode.

Luxury home designs in South Korea usually feature a modern architectural style with a traditional touch. Many luxury homes in South Korea feature high ceilings and large windows to provide good natural light and beautiful views outside. The interior design of luxury homes in South Korea also tends to be minimalistic and modern with the use of simple colors and high-quality materials. Many luxury homes in South Korea are also equipped with facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and beautiful gardens.

Let’s take a look at the tips for modern Korean luxury home designs summarized by Lamudi.co.id!

Korean Modern Luxury House With Mezzanine

To create a modern luxury Korean house that is not only aesthetic, but also functional, apply a mezzanine design with high ceilings and good surface construction. This will create a space between the floor and the ceiling. Remember to add a stair ramp as a safeguard, especially if you have children. Also, make sure to optimize the use of the land correctly by placing furniture and furnishings that match the size and function of the room. Choosing the right colors and materials will also help create a harmonious impression and add a functional impression to your home design. Do not forget to include windows and adequate ventilation to ensure a good quality of air and light in the house.

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Modern Korean Luxury Tropical House

Then go to the next design, namely a modern Korean luxury house designed in harmony with natural elements, with the addition of an attractive tropical design that is suitable to be one of the tips for you. The main decoration of the exterior of the house consists of a combination of wood and large glass, which gives a fresh and elegant impression. The use of wall screws (climbing pussy) can add a nice impression to the house. Inside the house, there is the use of wood material which is quite dominant as a decorative element and room divider. The natural lighting from the large glass used can make the room feel more spacious and fresh. The placement of indoor plants can also give a calming green impression. The design of this house is expected to provide comfort and well-being for its residents and strengthen ties with nature.

Contemporary Korean Modern Luxury House

To create the impression of a spacious and spacious room, use a contemporary home design with the dominant use of white in the exterior and interior. Add a modern touch using a black house frame made of aluminum. The combination of white and black dominant colors create a warm impression and give the room a wide impression, and can be combined with other colors. In addition to this, you can also add color accents to the furniture, furniture and other accessories to add a more attractive impression. The use of certain colors can also help to highlight certain areas in the house, such as the living area, the kitchen area or the sleeping area. Or, use the right lighting technique to add the impression of a spacious and spacious room. The use of natural light such as large windows and skylights can help add to the impression of an airy and fresh room. Meanwhile, the use of pendant lights or wall lamps can help highlight certain areas in the house.

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The Scandinavian interior style is suitable for modern Korean luxury home designs with the use of calm colors such as gray, white, black and light brown to accentuate a natural and fresh impression. The addition of wooden furniture, green plants and white furniture that is synonymous with Scandinavian style will make the room feel simple, spacious and clean. Not only that, to add a simple and minimalist impression in the Scandinavian interior style, you can remove unnecessary items and items that are not used well. The use of minimal accessories can also help to add a simple and minimalist impression to a Scandinavian interior style. You can also add a natural touch by adding greenery as a decoration. Green plants can help increase oxygen in the room and make the room cooler.

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Draft Semi-outdoor o Optimal open area

Creating a comfortable home prioritizing open spaces such as parks, swimming pools or other open spaces can be an option. Semi-outdoor house designs can be applied to create a garden terrace concept that provides optimal air circulation and a cool atmosphere. This concept is suitable for different occasions, such as a meal with the family or an outdoor barbecue. You can also add different types of plants and herbs that can be planted in open spaces to add a natural impression and improve the air quality in the house. The presence of facilities such as a swimming pool, a playground, or places in an open area adds to the impression of comfort and fun.

In addition, there is a simple 1-story house design that is a favorite because the construction and maintenance costs are more affordable. Use black, gray, exposed brick, wood and round metal chandeliers to create an endless impression. This design can give the impression of a spacious room due to the lack of insulation. In addition, a simple 1-story house design can also be applied by adding windows that are large enough to add natural light and increase air circulation. Adding green plants as decoration can also help add a natural and fresh impression to your home. In general, a simple 1-story house design can create a comfortable and cost-effective home, and can give the impression of a spacious and natural room with the right use of colors, materials and design elements.

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Dominance of the Wood Element

Finally, there is a modern Korean-style luxury home design with wood dominance, which is a home design style that features wood elements as the main material in the design. This style is very popular in South Korea and is a trend among people who like modern and luxurious design styles. Prioritize the use of wood as the main material in exterior and interior design. The dominant use of wood can be applied to elements such as walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. The use of this wood can add a natural and warm impression to the house. Modern luxury home designs in Korean style with the dominance of wood also emphasize the use of natural and calm colors such as gray, white and beige. The use of these colors can help to add a simple and elegant impression to the house.