7 Kitchen ceiling ventilation designs, make the kitchen room clutter-free!

7 Kitchen ceiling ventilation designs, make the kitchen room clutter-free!

kitchen ceiling ventilation

The ventilation of the kitchen ceiling is important to note because it can create a comfortable kitchen space. So what type of design is right for you? Go check out the tips here!

Property People, one of the conditions for a comfortable home is to have good air circulation.

Good circulation will make the house not stuffy because oxygen can enter the room perfectly.

Therefore, it is important for owners to pay attention to ventilation.

This ventilation can be placed in different rooms according to the needs of the owners.

For example, placing air vents on the kitchen ceiling. If you are confused with the ventilation model of the kitchen ceiling, you do not need to worry.

www.lacrymosemedia.com has compiled a number of kitchen ceiling ventilation designs that can inspire you.

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7 Kitchen Ceiling Ventilation Designs

1. Minimalist Home Kitchen Roof Ventilation

minimalist kitchen ceiling ventilation

Summary: Pinterest/archdaily.com

First, there is the roof ventilation inspiration kitchen for a minimalist home.

This design is suitable for you to apply in different home kitchens. From small to large.

Interested in applying at home?

2. Open Design Kitchen Ventilation

open kitchen ceiling ventilation

Source: shariagreenland.co.id

This kitchen ventilation has a wide opening that follows the shape of the kitchen at home.

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The open design kitchen ceiling ventilation model is suitable for placing near a gas stove or cooking area.

The existence of this ventilation can make cooking activities more pleasant because the kitchen does not feel smelly and stuffy.

3. Ventilation Model Along Wall Top

ventilation model on the wall

Source: www.lacrymosemedia.com

In addition, there is an inspiration for the ventilation design pattern along the upper wall.

This kitchen ventilation has a model like a window to be able to open and close as needed.

This ventilation shows a simple impression and is very easy in terms of maintenance.

For more details, you can see the picture above!

4. Ventilation Design with Rectangular Roof

rectangular kitchen ceiling vent

Source: whyskylights.com

The next recommendation is a ventilation design with a rectangular roof.

You can place these vents on the ceiling in a row or even on the upper wall.

You can adjust the length and width according to the size of the kitchen.

5. Kitchen ventilation model with a clear roof

Transparent roof ventilation design

Source: design.id

Looking for a functional ventilation model?

This design is perfect for you to apply at home. It has a function such as air circulation while providing space for light to enter the kitchen area.

Please see the picture above to see the pattern.

6. Roof Chimney Ventilation Design

stove ventilation

Source: Bangunsumatera.com

Next, you can use a roof chimney ventilation model.

Usually, this vent is located near the stove. Later, the smoke from the stove can go directly to the chimney.

The use of chimney ventilation can keep the kitchen clean and not stuffy with smoke.

7. Kitchen ventilation design with a Box in the Middle

square ceiling fan in the middle of the room

Source: glazingvision.eu

Finally, there is a kitchen ventilation design with a box in the middle.

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This model is suitable to be applied to a large kitchen area.

The existence of this great kitchen ventilation can make the air circulation run optimally.

In addition, the appearance of the kitchen will be more aesthetic.


Not only the kitchen ceiling ventilation model, there are also pictures of kitchen equipment in black and white.

I hope the above design reviews help, Property People.

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