7 Japanese style apartment bedroom designs

7 Japanese style apartment bedroom designs

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not just at home apartment often chosen as a place to live, especially for young couples or the millennial generation. In addition to the smaller and easy-to-clean room designs, the apartment also provides a variety of comprehensive support facilities.

Of course, as a place to live, the apartments must be designed so that the residents can live comfortably. A concept that is often chosen is Japanese style apartment room design.

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What exactly is Japandi style and what are examples of Japanesedi apartment room designs? Find out more in the following review!

Acquaintance with Japandi Design

The Japandi design is a design concept that is quite unique. Before looking at some tips for Japanese apartment room designs, it is good to know a little about this design.

Unity of two cultures

Japandi is actually a mixture of two styles, scandinavian and Japan with two different concepts, moderate and rumours.

In Japanese philosophy, rumours it means beauty in imperfection, temporary moderate in Scandinavian philosophy it means a simple and balanced life.

The combination of these two philosophies gave birth to the design of Japandi which, ultimately, focuses on housing an efficient life with a minimalist and simple concept. Therefore, this design is suitable for use in all sizes of rooms, especially small rooms.

Features smooth and soft

Japanese design has characteristics that tend to be different compared to other design styles. This style often uses natural materials such as wood and clay.

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The use of subtle colors is also dominant in Japanese design. In addition, often in some Japanese design applications, materials with fine textures, such as cotton and linen, are also used.

1. Japandi minimalist and modern design

The modern and minimalist Japanese design makes the room look spacious
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As it is known that Japanese design carries the theme of simplicity and efficiency, of course, there are many Japanese room designs that are minimalist and modern in style. For those of you who have rooms that tend to be narrower and smaller, this design is suitable for application because it can make the room appear wider.

As a sweetener, you can use some furniture made of wood with a mixture of subtle colors such as brown, white and gray as wall paint. This combination will make the room very comfortable and easier to clean.

2. Color Earth tones Make the room calmer

Using earth tones makes the room seem warmer and calmer
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Japanese design is really attached to the values ​​of simplicity. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Japanese-style apartment room designs to use colors earth tones.

The use of these colors, such as white, beigelight brown, beige, and so on, will make your apartment feel warmer and calmer, so it is suitable for those of you who like a room with a quiet feeling to relax.

You can also combine these subtle colors with wooden furniture to provide a harmonious and beautiful color contrast.

3. Gray in Japandi Design? Of course it can!

Japandi apartment room design with a modern gray dominance
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If you like industrial design, but don’t want something too flashy, try marrying your desires with Japanese design, go for it! This Japanese apartment room design with a predominance of gray will make the room feel more modern and unique, different from others.

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The walls can use the concept of exposed concrete or textured play on paint to give an impression infinite which is often applied to industrial design. You can also combine this concept with similar colored furniture, such as gray and white. Guaranteed to make your room look more modern but not overwhelming!

4. Tropical touch Hampton Make it Feel Like a Vacation

Hampton's designs can make the room feel like a beach vacation
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The design of Hampton was adopted by the houses near the beach and they come from the states of the United States that are on the coast of the sea. For those of you who may be bored with Japanese designs that may seem simple, try to combine this Hampton style in your room.

To make it look more alive, you can also add wooden chairs and potted plants. It is guaranteed that the users of this room will feel like they are on vacation in a beach house!

5. Simple yet luxurious wood accent decor

The Japanese design with wooden decoration makes the apartment look luxurious
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The next concept that you can apply to the rooms of the apartment is to use wood decorations and accents. You can use several pieces of furniture, such as wooden stick shelves, wooden sofas and mesh chairs.

In addition to this, you can also use parakeet flooring to enhance the wood accents in the room.

This design will make your apartment room look more luxurious and aesthetic. You can also combine this design with some steel or iron furniture to give it a bit of a modern impression, because it is not monotonous.

6. Present Japanese shades in apartment rooms

Japanese design with Japanese shades makes the room look clean and spacious
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For those of you who really like Japanese-style designs, you can try to apply Japandi designs with the dominance of a minimalist and simple Japanese style.

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This Japanese style design is very distinctive with circular or arched windows. Also, Japanese-style rooms rarely use doors, thus increasing the sense of openness and easier circulation.

You can provide table decorations with short legs, rugs and cushions to create a sitting room concept. The use of wood panel flooring can also give the feeling of a simple and peaceful Japanese room.

7. Color Beige Make room The house

Japanese design with beige color makes the atmosphere homely and warm
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For those of you who don’t really like to apply unique concepts and over the topthis simple design is suitable for application in all parts of the apartment.

Use of color beige something that is delicately combined with furniture such as sofas and shelves can make the design of an apartment room feel more comfortable, warm and home.

You can combine colors beige light and sweet with a decor in dark tones such as dark brown or wood tones. This provides the contrast so that the room does not look monotonous.

Other decorations you can also add side table small iron bars and potted plants to give a modern and natural touch.

Here are some tips for designing Japanese-style apartment rooms. I hope it can be a reference and inspiration when designing apartment rooms, eh!

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