7 Inspirations of Modern Bedspread Patterns for Wedding Gifts

7 Inspirations of Modern Bedspread Patterns for Wedding Gifts

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Leaves often become wedding gift ideas which is quite popular. You see, newly married couples can use it to decorate their bed at home. In addition, the sheets have many attractive patterns and colors to choose from.

As a special gift for friends and relatives, of course, we will provide quality sheets. Also, the sheets will be used daily in the long run.

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So, how to choose leaves as gifts?

Before buying sheets for wedding gifts, there are several things that you need to pay attention to, such as the following.

  1. Choose the right size sheets. Because it is intended for new couples, you can choose sheets of 160 x 200 cm, 180 x 200 cm and 200 x 200 cm.
  2. Determine the best sheet material. Be sure to provide sheets made of materials that are cool and gentle on the skin, such as polyester and cotton. Besides being breathable, these two materials are also easy to clean and not easy to tear.
  3. Choose an interesting pattern of sheets. So that your room looks more charming, you can give it a shot with beautiful motifs such as floral motifs.

Leaflet recommendations for wedding favors

Well, there is no longer any need to be confused in the choice of a pattern of sheets that is suitable for a wedding gift. See, we have some recommendations for the best sheets that can be used as gifts.

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1. Sheets of floral motifs

bedspread with floral motifs
Sleeplite 180x200x30 Cm Set 5 Pcs Seprai Flower Rina – Pink

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Flowers are a symbol of affection and are often given to special people. Also, sheets with natural floral prints can have a calming effect.

Thus, it can create comfort in the room. You can give floral print sheets in bright colors like pink and blue.

2. Checkered sheets

checkered pattern
Informa 160x200x30 Cm Set 6 Pz Seprai Microfiber Milo

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Checkered or plaid sheets can be a special wedding gift idea. To make the atmosphere in the room more pleasant, you can choose a plaid pattern that consists of several patterns and colors, like our inspiration above.

In any case, avoid choosing colors that are too contrasting so that the room remains harmonious.

3. Polka sheets

polka dot sheets
Linotela 200×200+35 cm Set of 5 Tayla cotton sheets

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Polka patterned sheets can also make the atmosphere of the room more lively. In addition, this bed sheet model comes with a variety of color choices that can add to the beauty newlywed room.

4. Stripped sheets

striped pattern
Sleeplite 180×200+30 Cm Polyester sheet set Livia Stripe – Blue

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Striped sheets are also one of the modern and minimalist patterns of sheets. Instead of opting for a plain striped sheet, opt for a striped sheet that comes in several different colors, like our inspiration above.

5. Geometry sheets

geometric quilt pattern
Linotela 160x200x35 Cm Set of 5 Urban Cotton Sheets

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The geometry motif sheets have a 3D effect that makes the room more attractive. There are many geometric patterns that you can find, from triangles, rhombuses and pentagons.

To make the bedroom atmosphere more calming, choose sheets with dark geometric patterns, such as dark blue and black.

6. Sheets with a combination of color patterns

sheets with abstract patterns
Linotela 200x200x35 Cm Set of 6 Cotton Icefeel Banshi Sheets

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You can also give sheets with abstract patterns with different color combinations, you know. To make it even more special, choose the favorite color of your friends and relatives who are getting married. These sheets are suitable for creating designs cheerful room.

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7. Plain sheets

simple sheets
Sleeplite 180x200x30 Cm Set 5 Pz Seprai Microtex – Pink

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Plain sheets may sound boring. However, each color on the sheets also has its own aesthetic. So even the sheets without a pattern can be a memorable gift idea, and even the closed ones for those who like simplicity.

These are the inspirations for contemporary sheets that you can make as wedding gifts for friends and relatives. You can buy all the above sheets only through variety.

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