7 Inspirations for Interior Design Trends in 2023

7 Inspirations for Interior Design Trends in 2023

interior design 2023

Interior design trends continue to experience changes and developments as in previous years. Sometimes, the change is only in terms of color. However, not infrequently there are also major changes in appearance and materials used.

This is very important to note because interior design itself is a science that mixes with art. Thus, we can make the room aesthetic and functional.

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It is not surprising that many people start looking for design trends in 2023 to rearrange the interior in their homes.

So, what are the 2023 Interior Design Trends?

Launched by many sources, here are some types of interior design that will be in trend in 2023 and you can apply them at home.

1. Interior Design Style Marble

In 2023, marble o marble it will be a trend that many people like. Basically, marble has been popular for a long time because it is one of the most durable natural stones and gives a luxurious look.

It’s no wonder that marble can create a focal point in a room. To show a minimalist impression, you can choose marble furniture with bright colors. As for impressions dramaticchoose the dark colored marble.

interior design 2023
Choose marble furniture to follow the design trends in 2023

2. Natural natural themed interior design

In recent years, natural natural rooms are very popular. You see, the interior used looks simple, but also comfortable to live.

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To create, we need to use only furniture made of wood and bamboo. Then, add green ornamental plants in the corner of the room to make it look more charming.

interior design 2023
Put green plants to create a natural and natural atmosphere

3. Gothic design

Interested in combining dark colors in a room to make it look elegant? Don’t worry, this gothic interior design will attract the attention of many people in 2023. You see, dark colors can make a room more dramatic and luxurious.

However, this design style is only suitable for large rooms. If the room is too narrow, dark colors can absorb the light. This is what will make the room smaller.

interior design 2023
Combine dark colors to make the room look luxurious

4. Design Elegant

The next interior design trend in 2023 is style elegant with straight and smooth lines in every piece of furniture. Usually, this style is used in the kitchen area.

Do this using a white cabinet. Then, arrange the kitchen equipment in an orderly manner so that the furniture looks more prominent.

interior design 2023
Kitchen set Daisy 2 Mtr

5. Pastel design

In addition to dark shades, interior design in pastel colors will be even more popular in 2023. Not without reason, the choice of pastel colors can make a room beautiful, cheerful and feel calm in an instant.

In fact, the use of pastel colors in the summer can create freshness in the room.

interior design 2023
Combine all-pastel furniture to create a cheerful room feel

6. Aesthetic Design

Architects also predict that interior design that emphasizes aesthetic value will be a new trend in 2023. This is indicated by the many decorative ornaments that are displayed at home, such as paintings, sculptures and other decorations.

interior design 2023
Wall decoration 82.5×122.5 Cm Canvas Art Woods

So, of the seven interior designs that will be in trend in 2023, which one do you want to apply at home?

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