7 Inspirations for a comfortable 4×6 meter home

7 Inspirations for a comfortable 4×6 meter home

small house 4x6

You can only have a house of 4 × 6 meters. Don’t worry, there are many ways to turn it into a comfortable dream home below!

Some of you may be lay people who prefer to stay at home rather than going out.

Especially when the holidays come, you are more fun to relax while watching your favorite movie or just hanging out with your family.

Unfortunately, the atmosphere in the house is often disturbed due to the tight soil.

The reason could be because of the 4×6 meter house you have.

It can’t be helped, real estate prices are currently higher.

Like it or not, this type of residence is the best choice because the price is affordable and it always has one or two bedrooms.

Nah, now you don’t have to worry. There are ways you can do to make a simple 4×6 house more comfortable.

It’s not just playing with the exterior wall paint, you can play with the decorations and the size of the room.

How? Inspiration for the design of the house of 4 × 6 meters YouTuber Gudang Design could be the solution.

Plan of the House 4 × 6 Meters 2 Rooms

Tiny house 4x6

Source: YouTube Gudang Design

Judging from the floor plan of this 4 × 6 meter 2-room house, it has a children’s room and a master bedroom.

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Then there is the family room, the minimalist terrace in front of the house, and the kitchen that blends with the laundry room like the bathroom.

Even if it looks tight, the whole space can be maximized and designed according to its function and aesthetics.

7 Inspirations for a house of 4 × 6 meters

1. The Exterior View of a Modern Minimalist House


Source: YouTube Gudang Design

The modern house of size 4 × 6 has a beautiful facade with a facade and a small garden near the window.

The application of bright paint colors in the front of the house is combined with gray accents in the corner of the residence.

2. Minimalist terrace


Source: YouTube Gudang Design

One way to maximize narrow land is to take advantage of every existing angle.

You can put the sofa on the terrace before the entrance, it can be to receive guests or just relax.

3. Simple living room

family room

Source: YouTube Gudang Design

When you open the door, the first thing you see is a minimalist family room, as well as a living room.

You don’t need a sofa in a 4×6 minimalist home design because it will look crowded, just use a rug and sit down.

The design of this room has a size of 2.75 x 2.25 m2, so do not include items that are not too important.

4. Minimalist children’s room


Source: YouTube Gudang Design

The children’s room is right next to the entrance of the house with glass windows for light and air access.

With a design space of 1.9 x 2.5 m2, you can enter a small wardrobe for children’s clothes.

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Make sure that the decoration of the wall of the room is enough so that the room does not look full.

5. The Master Bedroom is quite Spacious

master bedroom 1

Source: YouTube Gudang Design

The 4 x 6 meter house can also have two bedrooms, including the master bedroom with an area of ​​2.25 x 1.75 m2.

You can add a wardrobe and also room decorations, such as flower pots in the corner of the room.

For this room, you can use a medium bed, of course, enough for you and your partner.

6. Cool Minimalist Kitchen


Source: YouTube Gudang Design

For the kitchen, use a mini kitchen set with light colors.

You can put the sink next to the stove.

Place the dish cabinet rack on the bottom, while the storage rack is on top.

For a small house of 4 × 6 meters, you need a little sweetener like indoor ornamental plants.

7. Laundry and Bathroom

Laundry and bathroom 1

Source: YouTube Gudang Design

room laundry room This is next to the bathroom, you can also put a medium-sized washing machine.

Due to the limited land, your access to the bathroom can only be passed by one person.

Make sure you make this room dry and not wet so it’s not dangerous, okay?


It’s a nice simple 4×6 house design with two bedrooms.

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