7 Inspiration for Unique, Aesthetic and Artistic Layouts of Brick Red

7 Inspiration for Unique, Aesthetic and Artistic Layouts of Brick Red

unique arrangement of red bricks

A unique arrangement of red bricks at home can create an interesting and unusual impression. No do you believe Check out some inspiration here, go!

Red brick is a building material that is often used as an exposed wall.

Houses with exposed red bricks make the dwelling feel natural and aesthetic, here we go.

However, so that the occupation manages to highlight these nuances, it varies the unique arrangement of red brick at home.

Property People can arrange exposed red bricks for fence walls, terrace walls, or facades so that they look more unique.

Check one by one the following inspirations that you can consider.

Guess who you choose?

7 Unique Red Brick Arrangement Inspirations

1. Unique arrangement of Brick Red in the facade

unique arrangement of red bricks

Sum: lordd_architecture

This is one of the inspirations for the unique arrangement of red brick on the facade of the house.

The facade of the house becomes more attractive with this unique variation arranged with exposed bricks.

However, the installation of red brick variations like this must be done carefully so that the results are clean.

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2. Unique Horizontal and Vertical Arrangements of Red Brick

unique arrangement of red bricks

Source: designboom.com

Besides being outside the house, you can also apply exposed bricks in the house.

Exposed brick walls in the house are usually used for industrial style housing.

NahIf you are interested, go for a red brick arrangement like this one.

With a horizontal and vertical arrangement, the walls in the house will look more unique and aesthetic.

3. Unique Variations of Red Indoor Brick

unique arrangement of red bricks

Source: madedhamendra.com

The room will look more natural by using exposed red bricks.

For those of you who want to highlight the authenticity of the material used, this arrangement can be an inspiration

wall without finish with red brick they successfully add a natural impression and cath eye even if applied at home.

4. Unique and Creative Variations of Red Brick

unique red brick fence variation

Source: facebook.com/ArchiDesign

Do you want to use the exposed red brick as a fence?

Relax, you can choose a unique exposed brick fence arrangement that can attract people’s attention.

It’s just that, applying this exposed red brick fence requires skill and precision because the installation is quite complicated.

5. Arrangement of Red Brick for Profile Pole

unique arrangement of red bricks

Source: facebook.com/ArchiDesign

Not only for the fence or front wall of the house, the unique arrangement of red brick can also be used as a pillar for the house.

The design of the profile of the pillars of the house with a unique arrangement of exposed brick will create an artistic impression.

For example, the arrangement of exposed red bricks with circular variations like this, Property People.

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However, it is not easy to make the arrangement so it must be done by an expert.

6. 3D Red Bricks

Sum: Architecture and Design

The uniqueness of this exposed red brick arrangement is the three-dimensional impression that seems to emerge from the wall.

The unique impression is further enhanced when the light highlights the exposed red brick wall.

NahIf you want to make the walls of your house look cool, then a three-dimensional design can be an option.

7. Unique arrangement of bricks on the outside of the house

Source: twitter.com/PPrperty_id

The next inspiration for a unique variation of red brick can be simplified, Property People.

For example, randomly hang red bricks that have been cut on the wall.

As a result, the walls of the house will look very prominent, especially when applied to the exterior of the house.

Interested in variations of the red brick arrangement like this?

Go ahead, apply to your dream home!


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