7 Inspiration for non-slip and aesthetic kitchen floor tiles

7 Inspiration for non-slip and aesthetic kitchen floor tiles

The kitchen floor is an important part to pay attention to every home. In order to make cooking activities safer, generally many use non-slippery ceramic kitchen floors.

Ceramic material is a material that is widely used in different homes because of its attractive appearance and different choices of motifs. Of course, you can not go wrong with the choice of material for the kitchen floor. This makes the appearance of your home unattractive and must be considered in terms of the safety of the occupants of the home.

Therefore, this article will review some of the inspiration for kitchen floors that are non-slip and attractive in terms of aesthetics. Check out the item reviews below!

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How to choose non-slip kitchen floor tiles

Before knowing some recommendations for kitchen floors, it is better to first understand how to choose the right kitchen tiles. There are many factors, such as price, slippery or not, design, and others.

Here’s how to choose non-slip kitchen floor tiles:

1. The texture is quite thick

Choosing kitchen floor tiles that are rough or rough is the right choice for any home. A rough floor can increase your safety when doing activities in the kitchen.

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This is because there are a number of kitchen activities that could make the floor slippery, such as splashes of oil or spilled soapy water. Therefore, choosing a floor with a rough texture is very important.

2. Interesting reasons

The kitchen is not a room that is visited by many people. Even so, the choice of the kitchen floor with interesting motifs is important.

In addition, you need to adjust the reason of the plan with the general feeling of the kitchen in your residence. This is done to maintain the harmony of the existing designs in your home so that it becomes more harmonious.

3. Adjust to the Budget

Of course, the price factor is a concern that you need to consider. It is enough to choose and adjust the kitchen floors with the budget you have.

Don’t be tempted by luxury ceramic kitchen floor models, but in reality you don’t really need it. This will only waste your money.

4. Choose Bright Colors

The main reason why it is recommended to choose a bright color is so that every time the kitchen floor is dirty it will be seen. This is due to the many activities in the kitchen that can cause dirty floors.

For this reason, it is advisable not to choose a dark color of the kitchen floor because it can cover the floor that is really ugly. Also, kitchen floors with bright colors look more comfortable for activities.

Ceramic tips for non-slip kitchen floors

There are many models of kitchen tiles that you can choose from. Even so, you need to choose the right one so that your kitchen design remains aesthetic and harmonious.

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Here are some tips for you to choose:

1. Wood Motif Kitchen Floor Ceramics

Wooden kitchen top
Wooden kitchen top

For those of you who want a luxurious display pattern of the floor, you can use non-slippery kitchen floor tiles with wood patterns.

Wood motifs can certainly give a sense of luxury and aesthetics, but they can still maintain your safety. The non-slippery texture of ceramic is something you should consider.

2. Gray Kitchen Floor Ceramic

Gray kitchen top
Gray kitchen top (Photo: decor.hiasan.my.id)

The gray color used in the kitchen floor can give your home a minimalist and luxurious style. This color is included in neutral colors where you can combine it with furniture colors like white or black.

In addition to providing an attractive design, the gray color of the kitchen floor is very suitable for use in the kitchen because the soil that falls on the floor can be easily seen.

3. White Kitchen Floor Ceramic

White kitchen tiles
White kitchen tiles

If you want a cleaner and cleaner kitchen feel, you can use white kitchen tiles. But you also have to be careful about the texture you choose.

Use a rough or rough floor texture to make it more comfortable when moving. If you want to be neater, you can use some supporting furniture or just put ornamental plants around the kitchen.

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4. Ceramic granite kitchen top

The ceramic kitchen floor is made of non-slip granite
Anti-Slip Granite Kitchen Floor Tiles (Photo: www.lacrymosemedia.com)

The granite material is one of the materials that are often used in the kitchen. Its texture is quite rough and its luxurious design is the reason why many people use it.

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This non-slip ceramic kitchen floor is the right choice for those of you who want minimalist kitchen results.

5. Ceramic terrazzo kitchen top

Ceramic terrazzo kitchen floor
Terrazzo style kitchen tiles (Photo: kompas.com)

Terrazzo or terrazzo ceramic is one of the non-slip kitchen floor tiles. The terrazzo is made with a mixture of sand, cement, tiles and marble fragments. So this floor tends to be hard and rough when stepped on.

Even so, terrazzo tile floors are still quite comfortable to use in your residential kitchen. The interesting thing about this kitchen tile is its attractive pattern and aesthetic appearance.

6. Porcelain Kitchen Floor Ceramic

Ceramic kitchen floors are not slippery porcelain
Non-slip porcelain tiles for kitchen floors (Photo: pexio.co.id)

Porcelain material is commonly used in many areas of housing in Indonesia. Its clear appearance with a few patterns makes this kitchen floor quite attractive and beautiful.

Not only that, porcelain also has a non-slippery texture, so it is safe for those of you who often do activities in the kitchen.

7. Cement Kitchen Floor Ceramics

Concrete kitchen floor
Concrete kitchen floor (Photo: rumah.com)

Cement is one of the materials that can be trusted as a kitchen floor covering. The surface that is rough enough makes this kitchen floor non-slippery.

You can apply the industrial kitchen concept that is very popular lately, so you need to align the design with other rooms in your residence.

So, these are some non-slip kitchen tiles that you can use. Of course, knowing the inspiration for this non-slippery kitchen floor design, you can choose appropriately according to the feeling of your home.