7 Inspiration for fence coverings out of Fiber, Occupations more and more amazing

7 Inspiration for fence coverings out of Fiber, Occupations more and more amazing

fence covering other than fiber

Need inspiration for covering fences other than fiber that is suitable for residential applications? Relax, see the different ideas through the next article, go!

Property People, the house fence does not only work to maintain the privacy of the residents.

In addition, the existence of a fence can add to the aesthetic value of a house so that it is pleasing to the eye.

In general, especially for residential areas, fence coverings are usually only fiber-glued.

This is reasonable because the price of the fiber fence is relatively affordable and easy to obtain.

However, there are also here we goa fence covering other than fiber that can make the exterior of the house unique and attractive.

If you need inspiration to cover fences other than fiber, we present a number of ideas and pictures that have been summarized from different sources.

7 Fence Covering Inspiration other than Fiber

1. Fence Cover with Vines

fence covering other than fiber

source: instagram.com/suryosoedibjo

Another than the fiber fence cover that is suitable for residential natural concepts is to use vines.

In addition to adding a beautiful impression, the vines also make the appearance of the house from the outside more unique.

You can apply for a stylish residence rustic or similar residential style to add to the aura of “cool”.

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2. Pay Laser Cutting

pay laser cut

source: instagram.com/omg_houses

pay laser cut is a fence that is made or produced with a metal laser cutting method.

This type of fence is worth choosing and considering, Property People.

Especially if the house you have puts a lot of emphasis on aesthetic values, such as the presence of special ornaments or unique shapes in the outside area of ​​the house.

3. Fence Cover with Bamboo

fence covering other than fiber

source: instagram.com/dekorrumahmakassar

In addition to fiber, covering fences with bamboo is also beginning to be loved by many people.

Its ecological nature, resistance to heat and rain, and ease of installation are the considerations of many people.

You can also create the size, shape and layout as you want so that it looks pleasing to the eye.

4. Iron Fence Cover

iron fence cover

source: instagram.com/deniwachyudi_jayaberkah

The iron material for the fence cover is usually used in a number of large houses located in the elite housing.

Not only that, the cover of this iron material is also often adapted to the design of the fence to create harmony.

Of course, choosing an iron fence to cover the fence will also add to the security of the house because it tends to be difficult to break.

5. Fence Cover with Zinc

pay seng

source: grid.id

Zinc material can also be used as a fence cover in addition to fiber.

In any case, the choice of zinc certainly cannot be neglected so that it always looks beautiful.

Beyond this, the advantage of using a zinc fence cover is related to the relatively affordable cost.

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6. Using Woodplank

fence covering other than fiber

source: instagram.com/brinkwijaya

Woodplank being one of the materials that looks like wood, but has a mixture of cement.

This material is often used as a fence cover because it is much more beautiful in appearance than ordinary wood or bamboo.

In terms of resilience, the fence wood even more durable and anti-creep.

7. Fence Cover Using Decoration

fence cover with decorations

Who would have thought that fence linings could be made in such a way with unique objects aesthetic in appearance.

The picture above can be used as inspiration for your residential fence, here we go.

Yes, you can make decorations in such a way that the fence does not feel empty.

For example, placing flower pots made of certain materials in the form of bags, or cute pillows around the area.


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