7 ideas for children’s science games to teach logic

7 ideas for children’s science games to teach logic

children's science toys
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Science is knowledge that cannot be separated from our lives. Therefore, we need to introduce science to children from childhood. One way is to give children science toys.

So, your child will not feel bored when playing because it is packaged in a fun way. In addition, science can help improve children’s logic.

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So, what are science toys for kids?

Well, for those of you looking confused educational toys for children with the theme of science, see some of our recommendations below.

1. Toy volcano

Volcanoes are a part of geography that we need to learn from childhood. In an active state, the volcano will emit hot lava and erupt.

So, you can teach your little ones about this volcano while creating your own Volcano with the toys below for IDR 170,000.

science toys for kids Kidz Labs Experimental Toys Volcano Creation Kit
Kidz Labs Experimental Toy Volcano Building Kit

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2. Water Filter Toy

Before being used as a drink and cooking, the water must go through several filtration processes. This aims to be able to produce clean water with an appropriate pH level.

Well, you can teach your child how to use a water filter with the game below. You can buy this toy for only 180,000 IDR.

science games for kids 4m Kids Labs Clean water science games
Mainan 4m Kids Labs Clean Water Science

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3. Magnetic games

Magnets are tools to attract objects made of certain materials, such as steel and iron. In life, magnets have many functions, from creating electricity, navigation tools, to converting electrical energy into sound.

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So, you are giving this magnetic toy worth IDR 190,000 to your child.

science toys for kids 4m-kids Labs Magnet Science 00-03291
4m-kids Labs Magnet Science 00-03291

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4. Air Bubble Toy

Apparently, the games bubble or air bubbles not only we can play for fun. With air bubbles, you can teach your child to know the right composition of water and soap to form bubble the best

You can buy this science game for kids in the form of air bubbles for 200,000 IDR.

science toys for kids 4m-kids Labs Bubble Science 00-03351
4m-kids Labs Bubble Science 00-03351

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5. Boat Motor Toys

Any motorized vehicle will certainly use an engine to move. Well, you can use this game ato introduce different parts of the machine to your little one, like dynamos to plates.

You can buy this exciting toy for Rp. 230,000.

science toy for kids 4m Kidz Labs Toy Experimental Hover Racer
4m Kidz Labs Experimental Hover Racer Toy

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6. Toys Make Electric Alarms

Alarms are usually used to detect fires, detect people entering, and much more. We can invite your child to make his own electric alarm by connecting electrical circuits.

Here are the tips for children’s science toys to make an alarm for IDR 170,000 that you can buy.

4m Kids Labspy Science-Intruder Alarm
4m Kids Labspy Science-Intruder Alarm

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7. Water Tornado Toy

Tornado is air that spins very fast in a spiral shape. Not only on the wind, we can also make a tornado vortex with water. One way is to use science toys to create a water tornado.

This child’s toy consists of a propeller, base, cover battery, owner, engine, bolts and manual. You can buy this toy for IDR 200,000.

Kidz Labs Experimental Tornado Toy Creator
Kidz Labs Experimental Tornado Toy Creator

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Here are some ideas for science games for kids that you can give to help them learn while they play. Also make sure to accompany them as they play to get a better and more complete understanding.

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