7 Hotel room design inspirations

7 Hotel room design inspirations

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Travel trend season or staying in a hotel is booming lately. You see, more and more hotel rooms are comfortable and aesthetic This is what makes us feel at home relaxing in a hotel room.

It is not surprising that many people start to be inspired to make a room as comfortable at home as a hotel.

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Hotel room design inspiration Do it at home

Well, we have some inspiration for bedroom designs that can be ideas for you to do at home.

1. Elegant Chocolate Hotel Room Design

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The combination of dark brown colors can make the room elegant

Of the various colors, brown can be the best choice to make the atmosphere of the room warm and soothing. You can combine a white bed with a brown nightstand and wooden floors. Also add a wall painting to make it more beautiful.

2. Contemporary Modern Hotel Room Design

hotel rooms
Contemporary modern bedroom design

It is not difficult to create a modern modern design. You just need to combine the use of a modern minimalist tavern and a white wardrobe. Also add a candlestick with a yellow white bulb.

3. Luxury Gray room design

Minimalist yet luxurious design with a touch of grey

Gray is a neutral color choice that can be combined with any color, including pink. Here is an inspiration for bedroom design with a mix of gray, gold, rose, and white. The room can also look luxurious.

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4. Warm yellow bedroom designs

nice bedroom
Yellow bedroom inspirations to create a sense of warmth

Do you want to make a room that is not monotonous, but also simple and promotes a sense of comfort? If yes, you can use a yellow-brown color palette.

5. Multifunctional Bedroom Design

hotel rooms
Inspiration for a multifunctional hotel-style bedroom

The limited area of ​​the room does not mean that you cannot make a hotel-style room. You can also make it as beautiful as possible with a multifunctional piece of furniture, such as a table that has been integrated with a shelf, and a mattress with storage drawers.

6. Room Design Industrial

hotel rooms
Industrial or unfinished design room

room design industrial be a unique choice, but still aesthetic. You just need to combine the use of iron furniture and the color gray to get an effect infinite. To keep it fresh, add green in the corner.

7. Classic Room Design

hotel rooms
Classic style bedroom

Room in classic style or vintage it can still create the impression of elegance and comfortable appearance. You only need to use antique style furniture, such as a yellow umbrella table lamp.

These are the seven inspirations for hotel-style bedroom designs that can be an inspiration for the home. So, what kind of room design do you like the most?

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