7 Hot Drinks Suitable For The Rainy Season

7 Hot Drinks Suitable For The Rainy Season

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enter rainy season Of course, the air temperature will be colder. It is no wonder that the rainy season often causes various types of diseases, such as fever, flu, colds, coughs, and so on.

This is none other than because the body’s metabolic system is not ready to face the changes in the weather during the rainy season. To cope with the frequent temperature changes when it rains, we need to keep our bodies warm.

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Well, one way we can do it is by consuming hot drinks.

So, what are the types of hot drinks that are suitable for rainy weather?

In addition to being able to warm the body, hot drinks can also increase energy for activity, you know. Well, here are the types of hot drinks that may be an option for you.

1. Wedang Ginger

ginger wedang hot drink
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For lovers traditional drinkYou will definitely not miss this drink during the rainy season. Wedang ginger is a drink made from ginger and brown sugar that is made with hot water. This drink can soothe coughs and colds.

How to do it is quite easy. Just prepare 1 segment of ginger that has been crushed, then roasted until brown. Then, make it with brown sugar and hot water to taste. Wedang ginger is ready for you to drink to warm the body.

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Selin did immediately, you can also use ready-to-eat ginger drinks, such as the following.

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2. Garbage Drinks

wedang uwuh hot drink
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In Javanese, wedang means “drink” and uwuh means “garbage”. The meaning of trash itself actually describes the shape of the species that look messy when preparing them.

Different types of spices are used in this drink, such as ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, lemongrass, rock sugar, and many more.

3. Bandrek Hot Drinks

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Bandrek is a hot drink originating from the Sunda region. Although initially bandrek only need ginger and brown sugar, but many areas enhance the warm effect of the drink with the addition of other ingredients.

Some of the ingredients added to the bandrek are pepper, vista, lemongrass and free-range chicken eggs. In fact, in some areas, some add milk to create a sweet and tasty taste.

4. Liang Tea

the hole
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A hot drink that is suitable for rainy weather this time comes from China, namely liang o tea lion. Even from the name it contains elements of tea, but this hot drink does not use tea leaves.

Liang tea is a body-warming drink with cinnamon, Chinese cane and chrysanthemum flowers. Many believe that this drink can overcome the heat in the cause of a sore throat.

5. Bajigur Hot Drink

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Returning to West Java, this time there is a traditional drink that is famous for being able to cool down the body during rainy weather, namely bajigur. This drink is synonymous with a hot mix of ginger, brown sugar and tasty coconut milk.

Interesting combination, right? To make it more delicious, you can eat this drink with additional snacks, such as boiled corn, cassava, beans, etc.

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6. Ginger Coffee

ginger coffee
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Most Indonesians cannot give up the habit of drinking coffee before their activities. Unfortunately, ordinary coffee is not enough to warm the body during the cold rainy season.

Therefore, you can try mixing coffee with pieces of roasted ginger geprek as a drink for body heat before starting the activity. Ginger coffee can also maintain intestinal health and relieve muscle pain.

7. Hot chocolate

If the above tips are more suitable for adults, this time we will discuss the favorite hot drink of all ages when the weather is rainy, namely hot chocolate.

Even so, avoid drinking hot chocolate every day. Also, make sure that the amount of hot chocolate does not exceed the number of daily calories.

hot chocolate
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Well, here are some tips for hot drinks that are suitable for you to drink during the rainy weather so that your body does not get cold.

To make hot drinks, of course, you can not use ordinary plastic cups. Therefore, you need to use a thick glass cup that will not make your hands hot, like the following tips.

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