7 Home decorations in shades of pink, price IDR 100,000

7 Home decorations in shades of pink, price IDR 100,000

pink home decor
Show some beautiful decorations in shades of pink to beautify the living room

Bored with the shades of a house whose colors are all neutral because it looks monotonous? If so, you can create a new atmosphere by installing it home decor shades rose or rose

In particular, rose including cheerful soft colors. Simply using some color decorations rose, the room at home will be more attractive.

Various Banners

So, what are the Nuance Decorations Pink What can we use?

Do not worry, this time, we have some tips for decorating shades rose which you can buy for less than 100,000 IDR.

1. Shadow decoration lights Pink

To make the bedroom more attractive, you can put decorative lights with shades rose right on the nightstand. Choose a unique lamp model like the shape of a cat with a light bulb inside.

pink home decor
Ataru Cat Origami Decoration Lamp – Pink

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2. In the middle Unicorn Nuance Pink

The main function of the mat is to keep the floor clean. However, you can also use this stove recommendation as a floor decoration.

Mat in shape unicorn and this rainbow image can make the room look more unique. Beautiful, isn’t it? You can buy this rug for only IDR 60,000.

pink home decor
Unicorn Decoration Mat Set 40×60 Cm 2 Pc – Pink

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3. Ornamental plants Pink

If you want to make the coffee table the focal point of the room, you can add nuanced ornamental plants rose. Use artificial plants so you don’t need water.

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The following are recommendations for colorful ornamental plants rose which you can buy at Ruparupa.

Arthome Artificial Flowers Milan Rattan Basket - Pink
Arthome Artificial Flowers Milan Rattan Basket – Pink

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4. Shades of Pink aromatherapy candles

By placing an aromatherapy candle in the corner of the room, you can create a fresh, comfortable and fresh feeling. Choose a pink candle that is equipped with a quality minimalist glass container.

Here are the tips for scented candles French rose what you can buy is only 60 thousand IDR.

pink home decor
Ataru 60 Gr French Rose Aromatherapy Candle – Pink

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5. Pink themed wall decor

Do you want to make the walls of the room beautiful, but do not want to overdo it? Don’t worry, you can put paintings and photo frames in pink tones on the walls of your home.

Choose a painting with the theme of writing motivational words to make it look more aesthetic. Meanwhile, to create a warm atmosphere, you can install a photo frame with the content of your portrait and your family.

Lukisan 40x50 Cm Life Quote Xc83
Lukisan 40×50 Cm Life Quote Xc83

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Boho Photo Frame 16.7x16.7x1.3 Cm - Pink
Boho Photo Frame 16.7 × 16.7 × 1.3 Cm – Pink

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6. Shades Glass Vase Pink

Using the following transparent glass vases can make your home aesthetic in an instant. You can use it to arrange real or artificial flowers for living rooms and dining tables.

Don’t worry, the price of this vase is quite affordable, starting from 50,000 IDR.

Glass Vase 20 Cm - Pink
Glass Vase 20 Cm – Pink

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Arthome Glass Vase 14 Cm With Metal Support - Pink
Arthome Glass Vase 14 Cm with Metal Stand – Pink

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7. Pink mirror

A pink mirror can make your dressing table look more beautiful. One of them is the following mirror.

Interestingly, this mirror can magnify objects up to 2 times. With a diameter of 17 cm, you can do more satisfied, you know. You can buy it for only 74 thousand IDR.

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pink home decor
2x Magnifying Table Makeup Mirror – Pink

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Here are some nuances of home decoration rose which you can use to beautify the room. You can get all the above products through shopping sites online variety.

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