7 Green room wall decorations, make the atmosphere cooler!

7 Green room wall decorations, make the atmosphere cooler!

Confused about choosing a green room wall decoration? No need to worry, here is a wall decoration inspiration that you can try!

Property People, the bedroom should be a comfortable and relaxing place to rest in the house.

One of the keys to present this is the use of green on the walls of the room.

According to the psychology of color, green can imitate the mood enhancing qualities of nature.

nah to add comfort and freshness, you can use a number of green room decorations placed on the wall.

Starting from photos, paintings, crafts, lights, to decorations that can make a room cooler.

Here are some inspirations you can try. Go ahead, take a look at the whole picture!

7 Green room wall decorations

1. Aesthetic Photo Frames

Wall decoration with photo frames

Summary: Pinterest/posterstore.com

The first inspiration you can try is to install an aesthetic photo frame on the bedroom wall.

To make it look attractive, use a small frame.

Also, choose a photo or image whose color tone is in harmony with green.

The picture above can be a reference!

2. Sleep Lights

room decoration in the form of a bed lamp

Source: homedecorbliss.com

The next wall decoration is suitable for those of you who like a minimalist look.

Make a pair of night lamps to decorate your bedroom.

Install the two lights near the bed. For more details, see the picture above!

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3. Realistic Painting

Bedroom wall decoration in the form of painting

Source: decoist.com

Bring elements of art into your living room.

No need for an expensive drawing, just use a drawing of a shelf full of books.

To be beautiful, make the painting the focal point or center of attention.

If you want to apply this decoration, you can just stick a painting right in the middle of the bed.

4. Classic decoration

classic room wall decoration

Source: countryliving.com

Do you have any old school or classic decor? Go ahead, use it as a green room decoration.

The classic brown decoration is suitable to be combined with the green walls of the room.

Organize your collection of classic items in a neat and aesthetic way.

If you are confused about the square, the pictures here can be your inspiration.

5. Mirror

mirror for the green room

Source: thespruce.com

Next, there are inspirations that are simple and easy for you to imitate.

Place a circular mirror on the upper wall near the bed.

Using this mirror can make the room look bigger and brighter.

In addition, the placement of mirrored glass can make the room more aesthetic. Check out this picture if you are confused!

6. Wall Art with LED lights

bedroom wall art

Source: wallmantra.com

Bored with the same bedroom decorations?

You can try asking wall art with LED lights on the bedroom wall.

This decoration will be unique and beautiful at night.

Picture wall art what you can choose is also very different, one of which is a photo of a tree with lush leaves.

7. Cool Bear Decoration

Fresh decoration

Source: home-designing.com

Finally, you can use cool and anti-mainstream decorations.

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How to install wallpaper with certain patterns on the walls of the room.

After that, print the work in the form of an image that will then be pasted on a canvas.

If confused, the image above can be a reference.


Not only are there examples of green room wall decorations, there are also wall decorations made of paper flowers.

I hope the above inspiration is useful for you, O Property People!

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