7 Gray Sofa Tips for the Home

7 Gray Sofa Tips for the Home

Gray sofa set

The family room is truly a place to gather and relax. To create a simple but also luxurious impression, we can use a gray sofa.

In addition, the color of this sofa is quite easy to combine with many colors of furniture You can combine it with brightly colored sofa cushions, printed rugs, wall paintings and bright decorative lights.

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Tips Cozy Sofa Gray

So, so you don’t choose the wrong one, this time we have some recommendations for minimalist and high-quality sofas from different shapes that you can consider.

1. Oakland Sofa Sleeper Fabric

Gray sofa set
Sofa-lift in Oakland fabric – Gray

Only IDR 1 million

Its simple design and not too large size make this sofa bed suitable for minimalist homes and studio apartments.

Sofa bed it offers comfort because it is made of material fabric soft In addition, you can also place it anywhere, both in the living room and in the bedroom area.

2. Selma Norris Sofa Recliner 1 Stand

gray sofa
Selma Norris 1-Seat Sofa Recliner – Gray

Only IDR 2 million

If you need an additional bench for the living room area, you can use the sofa recliner 1-seat models.

In addition to reclining backrests, there are also features on the legs that you can use as support. Therefore, this sofa is suitable to accompany the time me time at home.

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3. Inform Albris Corner Sofa Fabric

gray furniture tips
Corner sofa in Informa Albris fabric – Gray

Only IDR 4 million

This sofa offered by Informa is not only a modern design, but it is also made of thick and durable materials quality In addition to that, Inform Albris Corner Sofa it also has a sturdy frame.

So, you don’t have to worry that the sofa will deform and break quickly.

4. Informa Berlin Sofa Bed Fabric

minimalist bench
Sofa bed Informa Berlin in fabric – Gray

Only IDR 6 million

Have a residence with a Korean concept or small space? If so, you might not want to miss this sofa model. Soops bed from Informa can also make a room appear brighter and wider..

5. Ashley Brise Sofa Sectional fabric

Gray sofa set
Ashley Brise Sofa Sectional Fabric – Abu-abu

Only IDR 9 million

The next gray sofa recommendation from the Ashley brand. This sofa is supplied with sofa cushions. Although it has tone darker, Ashley Brise Sofa Sectional Fabric still suitable for minimalist modern residential concepts.

The elongated model forms the letter L with materials that are comfortable on the skin, making this sofa the right choice for sitting and relaxing.

6. Selma Amora Sofa Set Fabric

gray sofa
Selma Amora Fabric Sofa Set – Light Grey

Only IDR 9 million

Selma Amora Set Sofa Fabric comes with a simpler design concept, but still looks luxurious. Not only does it have a soft seat, this minimalist gray sofa set has a solid wood leg frame.

7. Reports Lavinia Sofa Sectional fabric

sofa recommendation
Informa Lavinia Sofa Sectional Fabric – Abu-abu

Only IDR 15 million

Slightly different from the previous L-shaped sofa recommendations, this sofa has a larger size. In addition, this sofa is equipped with an additional storage console on the sofa.

You can also sofa cushions with unique colors and patterns that improve the overall look of the room.

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So, here are some tips that can be your consideration when buying a sofa for the living room.

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